Smarter Marketing
Through Imagery

Consumers are ditching text and letting the pictures do the talking. Starting with Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, Curalate enables you to understand the images that engage audiences so that you can give your fans more of what they want. Our drool-worthy data and powerful marketing tools for both brand and user-generated content enable you to drive brand affinity, engagement, and revenue with images.

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Combining image recognition algorithms with scalable big-data tech, Curalate reveals actionable insights for Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, including competitive analysis. It's visual analytics for the visual web.

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User Generated Content

Use Fanreel to celebrate your loyalists and inspire browsers to buy. Create a compelling on site experience by collecting your fans’ images from across the social web and bringing them into the ecommerce experience.

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Community Management

Community Management

Curalate discovers engagement with your images, even if your brand isn't mentioned. Surface previously ignored conversations & activate advocates - right from our dashboard.

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Launch the most user-friendly and branded promotions available on Pinterest and Instagram and see engagement soar.

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We read your images.

Images drive awareness, affinity, and engagement. Only Curalate helps you accurately identify which images matter most to your audience so that you can give your fans more of what they love. Curalate pairs proprietary image recognition algorithms with massive data sets to determine what images resonate most across Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. It’s visual analytics, for the visual web!

We read your images.

Traditional social media is about text, while visual social media is about images. Yesterday's social monitoring tools aren't effective with today's visual platforms. To make sense of it all, Curalate combines the social signals of Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr with proprietary image-recognition algorithms to identify the images that matter most for your audience.

Request a demo or download our Visual Analytics report to learn how our image-driven approach is transitioning social brands into social businesses.

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Visual analytics for the
visual web.

  • Comprehensive Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr analytics
  • Tumblr's only A-List visual analytics partner
  • Determine which images matter most - across networks
  • Share engaging imagery across multiple networks
  • Understand which images drive traffic and revenue
  • Keep tabs on your competition

Pin-to-Purchase tracking. Seriously.

Attributing revenue to pins can be very tricky with Pinterest. Most analytics tools cannot reliably differentiate pins that originate from the same page on a website. As a result, these tools report on page popularity, not product popularity.

Curalate's visual analytics makes it the only platform that accurately associates your Pinterest referral revenue with the actual products that generated that revenue.

Now, you can determine your true ROI, optimize your ecommerce site, and make smarter decisions about your content and products.

Pick your competitors. Benchmark your progress.

Prior to Curalate, visual competitive analysis was non-existent.

Use Curalate to easily compare your performance to your competitors' across a number of KPIs.

Discover the types of images that resonate with your fans as well as your competitors’ consumers and make more informed decisions about your products, content, and visual merchandising.

User Generated Content

Celebrate your loyalists. Inspire new customers.

Curalate enables you to make user generated content shoppable. Turn browsers into buyers and celebrate your fans, all in one go. Curalate’s Fanreel makes it easy to collect, moderate, and display UGC and link those images directly to your product pages. Celebrate your loyalists, inspire new customers, and merchandise more effectively. A win-win-win.

Celebrate your loyalists.
Inspire new customers.

With Fanreel, incorporate user-generated images directly into your website and display real people engaging with your products in the real world. Encourage product discovery, and link fan photos to product pages to drive consumers down the purchase funnel.

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Super simple, super awesome.

Consumers want to be included in your brand’s story. Fanreel makes this easier than ever by enabling visitors to upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, desktop, or mobile directly on your website with just a few clicks. You can also reward consumers for their submission with special offers.

Curating made easy.

We’ve made it easy for you to moderate your fans’ photos, in addition to giving you the ability to associate user-submitted photos to actual product pages.

Not only are you celebrating your fans, but you’re using their photos to market and merchandise more effectively. That’s what we call a win-win.

What’s a picture worth?
Our analytics tell you.

Fanreel analytics are integrated right into the Curalate dashboard revealing page views, impressions, interactions, duration and number of photos submitted.

Revenue driven from your UGC galleries are also integrated into our dashboard, revealing a true ROI on your fans’ images.

Community Management

Fuel conversations about your brand.

Curalate discovers engagement with your images across Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, even if your brand isn't mentioned, surfacing previously ignored conversations. Activate advocates in a flash - right from our dashboard.

Fuel conversations about
your brand.

  1. Respond to Instagram and Pinterest interactions right from Curalate
  2. Seamlessly share popular images cross-network to other social media channels
  3. Engage with your most influential and engaged advocates
  4. Monitor keywords and brand-related hashtags for sentiment and purchase intent

New conversations,
new customers.

When people “speak” in pictures, they rarely mention brands by name. To solve this, Curalate tracks visual conversations at the pixel level, which means we can discover engagement with your products - even if your brand is never mentioned.

Our platform also surfaces relevant hashtags your brand should be tracking on Instagram, ensuring your community team is engaging in timely conversations about your brand.

Surface previously ignored conversations, discover new engagement opportunities, and activate brand advocates - right from our dashboard.

Activate brand advocates.

2 out of 3 consumers make purchase decisions based on recommendations from other consumers.

On Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, consumers love your brand. Curalate finds the users that are sharing and interacting with your images and hashtags most frequently, enabling you to sort by advocacy and influence.

Start inviting the right consumers to become Pinboard contributors, highlight your most active Instagram fans, cultivate organic Tumblr conversations that drive purchasing, and take your relationships to the next level.

Cut through the clutter.

Save your community and social teams time by quickly exploring brand-related conversations cross-channel with our dynamic keyword search. Find the endorsements that matter most to your brand across Pinterest and Instagram and engage with them. Fast.


The world’s easiest Instagram and Pinterest promotions.

Launch the most user-friendly and branded promotions available on Pinterest and Instagram and see engagement soar. Your contest can live anywhere and everywhere - your website, blogs, and Facebook - but all the results are neatly rolled into Curalate for your analysis.

The world’s easiest Instagram and Pinterest promotions.

  1. Power the most consumer-friendly visual promotions available
  2. Enable your Pinterest or Instagram campaigns to live anywhere and everywhere - your website, blogs, and Facebook
  3. Analyze entrants, impressions, organic growth, top images, and ROI – all from the Curalate dashboard

Request a demo or download our case study to learn how we're helping the world's largest brands drive engagement and ROI with social campaigns.

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Acquire new customers.

Reaching consumers in social isn't getting any easier. Activating them is even more difficult.

So, when Kahlua decided to grow its presence on the visual web, they turned to Curalate's promotions module to build, launch, and track their first Pinterest promotion, which aimed to collect new email addresses and encourage consumers to turn online inspiration into offline action.

As a result, Kahlua collected 16,000 email addresses, generated 1,400,000 impressions, and gained 3,800 new followers (a 14x increase). Download our case study to learn more.

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Image-driven promotions done right.

Current solutions for Instagram and Pinterest promotions are broken. They require too many steps, are impossible to track, result in low engagement, and generate spotty ROI data. This results in low-quality experiences for consumers and brands.

Our platform has solved for those pain points, enabling you to build beautifully branded contests that are amazingly easy to enter. Whether you’d like to track a pinning campaign from your website or an Instagram hashtag campaign, we’ve optimized for the brand and the consumer. Grow emails, traffic, and revenue with Curalate.

Measurable, actionable results.

In addition to success metrics for your promotion, Curalate reveals actionable data for post-contest marketing efforts, enabling you to target entrants and use your data for ongoing marketing initiatives.

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Who We Are

Curalate is the world's leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web, starting with Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. We help brands tell their story through imagery in order to fuel consumer engagement, build brand awareness, and drive revenue across various business verticals, including marketing, advertising, ecommerce, and merchandising.

Our team consists of startup veterans, social media savants, pixel pushers, and big-data bosses located in both New York City and Philadelphia. Oh, and we're building a platform that’s already in use by more than 400 of the world’s leading brands.

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  • Louis Kratz Louis Kratz, PhD Software Engineer
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