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Things Done Changed: Social, Digital and Ecomm During COVID-19

Everyone on retail/social/ecomm Twitter is posting chart after chart of what’s happening across our industries right now. They’re helpful, sure, but they can lead to some paralysis, too. And it had us thinking: When it comes to your business, who cares what’s happening at a global level?

Instead of being paralyzed by charts, we pulled together some of the best minds we know on paid acquisition, ecommerce optimization, and influencer marketing. Join us for a deep conversation on questions like:

  • How are you combating changes in ad performance?
  • What should you be looking for when consumer behaviors are changing on site?
  • How are influencers adjusting to still engage their followers?

No slides, no prepared talking points; just an honest conversation with friends from AspireIQ, Biddyco, The Good, and Retention Science.

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