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How to Deliver Inspiration: Bringing Lifestyle Content to Email Just Got Easier

You’ve got some amazing lifestyle content in your social feeds and on your website, because you recognize the value of inspiring your customers. But what about email?

It’s a workhorse channel that drives results, but—let’s be real—could use a little help on the inspirational front. So, we made it easier to do that. With a new, in-app gallery builder for email, Curalate can help you bring your best inspirational content into your highest performing channel. It’s like turning a workhorse into a race horse (or something like that).

Watch this webinar to learn why brands like and discover how brands are using Curalate to make email shoppable.

You’ll learn:

  • Why brands like Topman, Monsoon, and The Outnet are using lifestyle content in email campaigns
  • What type of email campaigns they’re using for lifestyle content
  • How you can build galleries for email campaigns with Curalate

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