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How to Improve Conversions With Influencer Content

Here’s a stat for you: 76% of marketers are repurposing influencer content for organic social posts, but only 36% are using it on paid social acquisition.

Nevermind the fact that influencer and user-generated content have helped brands like TechStyle drive down CPAs by 11% or that brands like YogaClub are bringing influencer content into emails to improve their email marketing programs and segmentation efforts. So, in this webinar, we’re talking with our friends at AspireIQ about an under-utilized aspect of influencer programs: Repurposing the content.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • What a multi-channel influencer strategy looks like
  • Where—and why—influencer content can outperform brand-created content
  • How brands like TechStyle and YogaClub are distributing influencer content to various touchpoints

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