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Curalate Showroom

A new kind of pop-up shop.

Curalate Showroom lets you turn any image or video into a storefront. Now, your marketing channels can do more than just drive engagement. They can introduce people to their next great find. Effortlessly.

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Bringing discovery to digital.

Walking the aisles of a store is easy. Browsing the “aisles” of an e-commerce site? Not so much. Showroom is a mobile-first experience designed around visual content that causes people to stumble upon things they never knew existed. So you can sell more, with less effort. Virtually anywhere.

The numbers don’t lie.

Bounce Rate

Products Discovered

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Why Showroom?

A great consumer experience

Feels like magic.

With Curalate Showroom, your images and videos come to life. Showroom blends content and algorithms enabling people to stumble across products they never knew they needed in their lives. Intuitively. Instantaneously. Automatically.

Drive Results

Works like a charm.

Driving discovery drives results. With Curalate Showroom, bounce rates drop dramatically, time on site increases substantially, and the number of products consumers take notice of skyrockets. All from the content you’re already creating to engage your audience.

It’s easy

Anywhere. Everywhere.

Curalate Showroom is a digital commerce breakthrough, bringing an incredible discovery and shopping experience to virtually any marketing channel you can think of - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, email, blogs, and more. Showroom gives marketers a completely new way to engage their audiences and drive value from their work - all with no ongoing involvement from your IT team.

David's Bridal marries
social and commerce.

“It's incredibly easy to use and, because of the relevant product recommendations and engaging content Showroom provides, the consumers who click through to our site are much more engaged with higher intent to purchase. We've seen great results so far on Facebook and will be rolling it out across all of our marketing channels.”

Callie Canfield, Senior Director of Global Marketing

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