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Curalate Reveal

Hover to Reveal, Click to Discover

Drive traffic from the visual content on your blog, ecommerce site, and partner sites. Simple to setup, even simpler to use.

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The easiest path from picture to purchase.

Curalate Reveal enables consumers to discover and shop for the products they love by simply pointing to them. It’s the easiest way to drive commerce from your images and video.

Desktop screenshot of Curalate Reveal

Get Your Popcorn Ready.

Curalate helps you make social sell. What’s that mean? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. So straightforward, in fact, this video breaks it down in less than a minute.

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Discovery Driven Commerce

Discovery shouldn’t be difficult.

To drive traffic from images, brands often resort to putting blocks of text links below them. Reveal offers a simpler way for consumers to discover the products, services, or content shown in your images. Just hover to discover.

Simple to use

Live in seconds.

Posting an intelligent image online shouldn’t be hard. So, we made sure Reveal couldn’t be easier to use. With the Curalate platform, you simply add products to an image, paste the code snippet on-site, and publish. Kick back and watch the clicks roll in.

Partners and influencers

Sharing is caring.

Consumers should enjoy the streamlined experience of Reveal no matter where they find your visual content. Share Reveal code snippets with your partners and influencers so they can place Reveals on their websites or blogs.

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1000+ Brands of all Sizes Curalate

Our clients Reveal.

“Partnering with Curalate helps with measurable metrics like lowering bounce rate and increasing our clickthrough rates. It also helps us bridge the gap between clicks and bricks, as some of our store associates use those shoppable images with in-store shoppers.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Pendleton

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