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Everything you need to win on Instagram.

Solving problems for the world’s most innovative brands is what we do best, so we built the most comprehensive, intuitive Instagram dashboard ever.

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All the tools you want,
all in one place.

Schedule and preview Posts. Learn about your followers. Analyze the performance of your Stories, Posts, hashtags and mentions. All in one beautiful dashboard.

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"Visually, this is really exciting for me. Just makes the most sense."

“This is great! The Instagram Summary page is the first thing I check every day!”

In with the In(stagram) crowd.

As one of only three dual-badged Instagram Partners, our partnership means early access to new features, the most robust data and analytics, and more.

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Scheduling as a strategy, not just a time-saver.

Scheduling your brand content ahead of time is a must-have. But we think you deserve nice-to-haves, too. Our scheduler has the exclusive capability to automatically post content for you, including Stories, transforming both your strategy and workflow.

I used to schedule content manually in slides every month. It was so tedious, this is awesome.”

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A snapshot of your followers and fans.

Instagram is about to eclipse 1 billion users — get to know them better! See your top followers, the top cities and countries where they live, understand how your follower-count has changed over time, and discover influencers who are already a fan of yours.

In the past, we have looked in as many as three different tools for Instagram analytics in addition to the native app. The more we can learn about our followers in one place, the better marketers we will be.”

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Accurate data, available at your fingertips.

We provide access to every meaningful metric to help you evaluate the impact of your content and prove the value of your efforts on Instagram. Your insights will never disappear, and don’t require checking the app every 24 hours.

This tool has become our bread and butter.”

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User-generated Content

Tap into the content surrounding your brand.

See all of your recent mentions and tags to see who’s showing your brand love! User-generated content (UGC) authentically celebrates the versatility of your brand, and we allow you to discover and request rights to your favorite content.

This replaces subscriptions we have with other vendors and gives us a one-stop shop for everything.”

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Monitor campaigns, competitors, and influencers.

Easily and automatically group content from specific campaigns, influencers, or competitors, and keep tabs on key metrics like engagement and impressions to measure and benchmark performance.

This is everything.”

Mobile screenshot of Curalate Like2Buy

Curalate Like2Buy

Shoppable Gallery

Take your social strategy to the next level by enabling your customers to purchase the products they love and explore your brand beyond your feed. Like2Buy was the first solution to bring shopping to Instagram and it's still the best.

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Mobile screenshot of Curalate Showroom

Curalate Showroom

Shoppable Stories

Automatically serve up AI-powered virtual storefronts centered around the visual content you're already creating. Let your customers shop the products they love in your stories and discover new products without any help from IT.

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Feature Overview


Instagram feed preview

See a full Instagram Feed preview before your Posts go live.

Flexible calendar views

Calendar view of all upcoming and posted content with a day, week, and month view.

All-purpose scheduling

Schedule Instagram Posts, Gallery Posts, Video Posts and Instagram Stories.

Export and share calendar

Export and share your calendar with internal teams.

Edit scheduled content

Ability to edit any scheduled Instagram Posts or Stories.

Instagram feed preview

See a full Instagram Feed preview before your posts go live. Updated in real time.

Shoppable Posts

Product tag your media to auto-feature across Curalate Touchpoints.

Label media, use later

Add labels to any of your media before you schedule them for tracking later.

Daily post calendar

View how many scheduled Posts you have for any given day.

Auto-publishing scheduler

Schedule Instagram Post automatically, without reminder notifications.


Monitor follower count

Track gained, lost and total follower count by day and view trends over time.

Robust follower metrics

Dive into metrics on all of your followers — including engagement rate and follower count.

Follower demographics

View demographic information on your followers, from age, to gender, to location.

Top new followers

Easy-to-access view of your top new followers.

Followers as influencers

Identify influencers amongst your followers and view insights on their Posts.

Track follower activity

Graphical view of how follower count is trending over time.

Follower data at-a-glance

Gain quick understanding of how your follower count has netted out on any given day.

Custom date ranges

Pull custom date ranges to dig into follower count analysis further.

Easy filtering

Filter your followers by their number of followers, engagement rate and number of Posts.


All-in-one analytics

View all of your Instagram Posts and Stories analytics under one roof.

Meaningful metrics

See metrics like engagement rate, reach, impressions, and saves.

Individual post metrics

View post performance on each individual Post.

Campaign-level reporting

Aggregate Posts in order to report on campaign performance.

Engagement over time

Graphical view of how average engagement rate and average reach are trending.

Custom date ranges

Choose custom date ranges to look at insights on Posts during specific times.

Sortable Post metrics

Sort your post performance by engagement rate, reach, likes, comments, and impressions.

Robust Story data

Access insights on your Instagram Stories like total impressions, average reach and average completion rate.

Sortable Story metrics

Sort your story performance by completion rate, reach, impressions and replies.

Easy export to CSV

Export your Posts and Stories content to a CSV for more flexibility in data analysis.

User-generated Content

Monitor @Mentions and tags

View all of the UGC where your brand has been @mentioned or photo tagged.


Source UGC for your next posts and request rights all within the tool.

Discover influencer content

Identify influencers for sources of great content.

Engagement reports

View insights on mentioned and tagged content, like engagement rate and impressions.

Custom date ranges

Choose a custom date range to view insights on UGC during a specific time frame.

Content filtering

Easily filter results by hashtags and usernames.

Meaningful metrics

View stats like potential impressions, comments and likes on the UGC where your brand has been tagged.


Campaign performance data

Measure and benchmark performance of influencers, campaigns, types of content, and competitors.

Auto content segmentation

Create automatically updated Collections for specific usernames, hashtags, locations, filters, and labels.

Optimized for collaboration

Organize and collaborate on content for an upcoming campaign.

Filtering and analysis

Create and save filters to analyze subsets of content, like posts that mention your brand's username, contain a specific label, or haven't yet been scheduled.

Discover and distribute

Sort by engagement rate to discover high-performing content and easily request rights and distribute that content to any touchpoint.

Easy, robust exporting

Export Collections summary metrics and individual Post metrics for robust reporting.

Influencer content

Use in conjunction with other features like Share and Explore to manage influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end.

Full platform integration

Easily add any post to an existing or new Collection from anywhere in Curalate's platform.

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