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Influencer Marketing

Become fluent in influencers.

Whether you want a new source of high-quality user-generated content (UGC), or to launch micro-influencer campaigns on Instagram to tell your unique brand story, we’ve got you covered.

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Get started in minutes, not hours.

Our platform makes it easy to discover influencers, activate and distribute their content, and measure success. Make influencer marketing part of your everyday workflow.

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Get Your Popcorn Ready.

Curalate helps you make social sell. What’s that mean? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. So straightforward, in fact, this video breaks it down in less than a minute.

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Easily find that diamond in the rough.

See recent @mentions & tags from Instagram to find micro-influencers who are already a fan of yours. Gain valuable insights on any hashtags to find new, authentic voices. Save and label your favorite influencers or pieces of content to lists for inspiration or future campaigns.

Curalate has become my go-to tool for finding user-generated and influencer content.”


Tools to fuel an awesome relationship.

When you’re ready to launch a campaign, reach out to influencers via email, share and collaborate with the influencer and your internal team during the content creation phase, and easily distribute influencer content on social channels or on-site, all within the platform.

The filtering Curalate offers saves me at least three hours a day!”


Effectively prove the value of your efforts.

See post and campaign-level analytics like engagement rate, and easily export reports to share with your team. Create benchmarks for content and campaign performance to determine paid media spend. Track traffic and revenue when influencer content is shared on Curalate touchpoints.

Curalate lets us easily repurpose top-performing content on social, in emails, and on our website.”

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Curalate Showroom

Repurpose influencer content for social.

Make influencer content shoppable and share on any social network while serving up programmatic product recommendations with Showroom. Use best-performing content in paid ads for maximum reach and revenue.

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Curalate Reveal

Feature influencer content on-site.

Inspire the confidence to buy and boost product discovery by featuring high-quality, shoppable user-generated content (UGC) on your site. Reveals are easy to share, too, so influencers can turn their blog a revenue driver for you.

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