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User Generated Commerce

Want to see conversions and order values soar? Tap into the images and videos that surround your brand with Curalate Fanreel. Join the ranks of the most innovative brands worldwide and see why user-generated content (UGC) doesn’t just sell, it celebrates.

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Bring the outside in.

Use content shared on social to drive revenue on your site. With Curalate Fanreel, images and videos from customers, influencers, partners, and your own accounts can be integrated throughout your site to help people envision your products in their lives. And when you’re ready to really step up your game, use Curalate to extend this compelling content to your emails, ads, catalogs, and even in-store displays.

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Improve the metrics that matter.

Revenue Per Visit

Conversion Rate

Average Order Value

Increase Conversions

Inspire confidence.

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t stylists. Or models. Bummer. We can all use a bit of help envisioning products on real people in the real world. That’s where social content comes in. With Curalate, inspirational content doesn’t need to be stuck on social. Now, it can be easily integrated throughout your site to give your customers the confidence to buy.

Foster Discovery

Navigate choice.

You’ve got a lot to offer. But digital commerce can make browsing your catalog hard. So how can you get people to discover products of yours they never knew existed? With Curalate, lifestyle content galleries become thumb-stopping moments that inspire people to learn about products as they scroll through compelling images and videos.

Increase Loyalty

Celebrate your fans.

You know what’s better than likes? Love. Shower your fans with brand love by featuring their content on your site and get ready to blush when you see their response. And don’t worry, you’ll even make your friends in legal happy with our content permissions engine.

Custom Experiences

Flexible branding.

Whether you like your solutions off-the-rack or bespoke, Curalate’s tailored for you. Curalate Fanreel can be deployed via templates that can have you generating results tomorrow or it can be heavily customized to match the needs of even the most discerning brands.

Source and Distribute

Unparalleled scale.

Curalate Fanreel enables you to drive revenue at a scale that no other vendor can match. We enable you to source the most quality content, match content to the most products, feature content in the most places on your site, and reuse content in the most marketing channels. It’s the least we could do.

Want to make social sell?

1000+ Brands of all Sizes Curalate

Our clients Fanreel.

“By enabling our customers to contribute photos of their favorite Urban Outfitters products, Fanreel celebrates their dedication and includes them in the process, while also providing us with images we can use to more effectively market and merchandise our offerings.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Urban Outfitters

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