Digital may be a dominant medium for brands, but that didn’t stop stylish home furnisher Z Gallerie from taking the conversation offline and into their customers’ homes. How? Through a series of print catalogs. The first edition was delivered just in time for the 2014 fall/winter holidays, and it was a resounding success.

With Curalate, Z Gallerie was able to design, track and measure a tightly integrated UGC (user-generated content) campaign, extending the reach of their spring and summer catalogs to their social and digital fans.

Image-Level Insights

Z Gallerie’s fall/winter catalog was an instant hit, providing a tangible way for consumers to discover products and experience the brand. “The holidays are a crucial time for us, because this time of year is all about sharing moments in the comforts of home,” says Loren Mattia, Z Gallerie’s Social Media Specialist. “To release our premier catalog around the holidays was a calculated decision to keep our brand top of mind as our customers readied their homes for an influx of guests and celebrations.”

This strategy not only worked, but ironically, the in-home initiative created social buzz too. Upon receiving the catalog, eager fans took to Instagram to broadcast their enthusiasm to followers and friends. “We were finding that a great deal of our social customers were sharing their excitement for our premier catalog on Instagram, which extended brand awareness in a very organic way.”

With Curalate, Z Gallerie has been able to surface customers’ photos and measure their influence. The photo shown here is a prime example of this, driving “likes” as well as social chatter and brand love (e.g., “Love Z Gallerie!” and “This picture is everything”). Loren adds, “Our team especially loved how, when customers posted catalog photos, their followers joined in and talked about how they loved our brand too. Some even asked where they could get a catalog.”

Springing Into Action

With the second edition slated for March 2015, Z Gallerie began brainstorming ways to connect the dots between their offline and online channels and make an even bigger impact.

The winning idea: an integrated UGC campaign, leveraging organic excitement on Instagram to drive brand awareness, social visibility and catalog subscriptions through spring and summer. In the following pages, you can find a brief overview of how the initiative—dubbed #PagesOfStyle—works.


Between March and July 2015, Z Gallerie is encouraging catalog subscribers to share photos on Instagram and to tag them with #PagesOfStyle. Every month, Z Gallerie will choose one winner to receive a $250 Z Gallerie gift card. Any image tagged with #PagesOfStyle will be pulled into Curalate’s dashboard. Using Curalate’s hashtag tracking capabililties, Z Gallerie can measure interactions (comments and likes) and potential impressions as well as identify influential users.

Rights Management in a Flash

In addition to measuring engagement with their fans’ photos, Z Gallerie is also making use of Yes! Tags—Curalate’s rights management solution for UGC—to moderate contest submissions.

“Yes! Tags was a great complement to this campaign,” Loren affirms. “Since we plan on featuring entries across our digital marketing channels—email, social, and web—taking this extra step ensures that we’ve covered all of our bases.”

Beyond driving campaign awareness, UGC will also allow Z Gallerie to build meaningful relationships with participants long after the contest period ends. Loren adds, “Customers become even more invested in our brand when they see us engage and appreciate their content.”

Distribution and Promotion: Back Cover Banner

Any print marketer worth their salt knows how valuable back cover real estate is; that’s how much Z Gallerie believes in this initiative. Each spring catalog features a bright banner with an explicit call-to-action, inviting customers to show off their #PagesOfStyle by sharing a photo on Instagram.

Homepage Hero

Z Gallerie is promoting the #PagesOfStyle campaign on its homepage as well, driving awareness among visitors that land on site directly. To that end, the team built a contest landing page to serve as a hub, housing entry instructions, terms & conditions, a link to the sign-up form, and a playful video teasing the catalog from cover to cover.

Social Media

Z Gallerie will also select beautiful fan imagery to share across its social channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For their fall/winter catalog, Z Gallerie used Curalate’s Like2Buy solution to drive users directly from Instagram to an online submission form, where they could sign up to receive the in-home catalog. This tactic worked extraordinarily well. During this initial time frame, Z Gallerie found that conversion rates were nearly 8x higher for Instagram-referred traffic as compared to Facebook.

Armed with this insight, Z Gallerie decided to use Instagram as a primary driver of traffic throughout spring and summer.

Influencer Amplification

To support the initiative even further, Z Gallerie offered six Instagram influencers exclusive access to their spring catalog before it hit homes. Each catalog was mailed with personal instructions on how to get involved with the contest.

Influencers were chosen in one of two ways: They had either partnered with the brand previously, or were identified as a highly engaged fan on Instagram. By allowing Z Gallerie to efficiently surface and sort Instagram users by post frequency and interactions, Curalate’s dashboard played a central role in finding these individuals.

A Superior Visual Strategy

By powering a multi-channel initiative with deep social insight, Z Gallerie drove brand awareness, social visibility, and subscription growth, while laying the groundwork for future UGC campaigns, too.