As a lifestyle brand with a penchant for adventure and a passion for the sea, Sperry believes that building an online community of intrepid ambassadors is critical to their success. Finding influential social users who speak their voice and  fit their brand DNA are a key part of this marketing strategy.

When Sperry wants to find micro-influencers who can ultimately deepen their relationships with consumers who share the brand’s love of adventure and the ocean, they use Explore, Curalate’s tool that allows brands to find digital influencers and authentic content at scale. Here are a few things Stacy Goodman, a Digital Marketing Manager at Sperry, is able to accomplish with Explore:

  • Find and follow influencers that breathe Sperry’s values and have a modest, yet tight-knit following.
  • Identify images, products, and influencers that are most engaging to Sperry customers and fans.
  • Use Curalate’s platform to repurpose top-performing content on their social channels, emails, and website.