The Problem

River Island was looking to maximize the value of user-generated content (UGC). The brand wanted to add UGC to its website and Instagram feed, believing that shoppable images of real consumers wearing its products would drive product sales. They also wanted to create a way for consumers to save the images that inspired them, but that they didn’t want to buy immediately.

The Solution

The River Island team worked with Curalate to add shoppable UGC to its homepage and created a full-page gallery and product pages to help customers go from being inspired to purchasing. They also created an integrated feature that enabled consumers to directly add specific items from UGC to a wish list by clicking on a heart symbol.

The Result

It worked! Average order value spiked by 45%, and the brand saw a 184% increase in conversion rate. Site visitors were also spending more than twice as much time on site. The wish list technology created a seamless shopping experience for consumers, meeting them where they are while driving increased revenue for River Island.