Pendleton Woolen Mills is known for wool apparel, featuring classic and modern garments for men and women as well as blankets, pillows, rugs and furniture covers. The brand wanted to update their commerce experience to provide customers with frictionless product discovery.

It led Pendleton to seek a solution that would be “dynamic, interactive and informative” for consumers, says Seth Patterson, Pendleton’s Digital Marketing Manager. The brand turned to Curalate to make their editorial images shoppable so consumers could hover over styled looks, discover the products within, then easily navigate to conversion pages.

To kick off the partnership, Pendleton placed a Curalate shoppable image on one of it’s section pages and found that the bounce rate for that page dropped 10%. Soon, Pendleton rolled out productized images across their site, including the hero image of the popular homepage.

Some of Pendleton’s top-performing shoppable images routinely generate more than 50,000 impressions and clickthrough rates over 5%. Overall, the average order value increase for Curalate shoppable images is 10%.

The brand also tapped Curalate to launch a gallery of lifestyle content, seamlessly bringing photos from Pendleton customers, store associates and brand influencers onto their website and making them shoppable. Those photos might come from Pendleton’s brand ambassadors or just from loyal fans. The results have been impressive, as average order value increased 7% when consumers engage with an image in the gallery of lifestyle content on the Pendleton site.

Curalate is also helping Pendleton identify its top-performing images, helping Seth and his team determine which ones to feature in email newsletters, display on the website, or use in social media post or ads. The advanced reporting is also helping Pendleton figure out which brand ambassadors are paying dividends and which ones are not.

“We leverage people who take fantastic photography in an authentic way to spread the visual candy that is our product all over the internet,” said Seth. “We’ve done several tests of our brand ambassador photos vs. catalog photos in emails. User generated photos tend to grab more clicks and tend to perform better.”