PBteen has stores across the country, but The Stylehouse—the brand’s official blog—is where their sophisticated young customer goes for tips and ideas.

Until recently, The Stylehouse looked a lot like many other retail blogs. Catchy headlines. Punchy text. Beautiful images packed with appealing products. And lengthy lists of hyperlinks beneath each image, mid-paragraph, or at the bottom of a blog post, to communicate which products consumers can buy.

Despite sharing great content, however, PBteen wasn’t seeing the value of their blog investment. One thing was clear: “We were getting virtually no clicks on the hyperlinks that we included in our posts,” explains Allyson Buscemi, Social Media Manager for PBteen. “We needed to improve the consumer experience.” That’s when PBteen discovered Curalate Reveal.

The first solution of its kind, Curalate Reveal enables consumers to discover and shop for products by simply pointing to them in blog pictures. With Curalate Reveal, PBteen’s customers can now hover over an image, select the product they want, and click through to shop. It’s delightfully simple.

Not only was getting started with Curalate Reveal easy, but Allyson and her team saw the benefits right away. For example, one of the first PBteen blog posts to use Curalate Reveal contained 10 images and a total of 36 products. Traditionally, this volume of links would create friction for consumers (“It would look awful and shoppers wouldn’t know what to click,” Allyson shares). Plus, tagging all of these products would be a nightmare for any brand.

Discovery Made Easy

Using Curalate Reveal, Allyson and her team can now quickly tag photos with multiple URLs; each image within their first post, for instance, contained between two and six products.

With a more intuitive way to identify products, as well as an experience that provides more products to explore, PBteen’s readers are much more likely to take action on blog images. Allyson adds, “Now shoppers just have to point and click and buy.”

A Turning Point for Blogs

Most marketers would agree that innovation with blogs has been stagnant for too long. With Curalate Reveal, PBteen has substantially improved product discovery and turned an ordinary blog into an extraordinary shopping experience.