The Problem

Parachute was looking for fresh content to drive more conversions from its retargeting campaigns. The brand-created editorial content was sleek and eye-catching, but it wasn’t as successful at engaging returning customers as it was with attracting new customers.

The Solution

Since its customers regularly tag Parachute in their organic posts on Instagram, the brand rolled user-generated content (UGC) into the mix. Using Curalate’s performance marketing feed, the team created UGC retargeting ads that showed consumers using Parachute products in everyday life, creating an accessible luxury feel.

The Result

UGC retargeting ads generated a 35% higher click-through rate and a 60% lower cost per click. The tactic also gave the Parachute team a stream of new, inspirational content using Curalate. This cost the brand less and drove more familiar consumers to its website. Parachute is now expanding the test to leverage UGC in more of its marketing mix.