The Problem

Monsoon was looking to drive additional revenue from its marketing campaigns. The team had seen a lift in time on site, more on site conversions, and a greater AOV since using UGC from these campaigns in on site galleries and social channels. Customers were able to easily shop the latest looks that inspired them. Using this content in other channels was the next step.

The Solution

Using Curalate’s email touchpoint, the Monsoon team started pulling UGC into its email campaigns. Since the content was pulled in dynamically from its on site galleries, this required no extra work from the team to keep it updated. This content was already shoppable, meaning that when customers clicked on a gallery image in an email, they were taken to a PDP and could make a purchase.

The Result

Customers were able to go from inspiration to buy, starting with an email, in a couple of clicks. Since bringing this content into emails, the brand saw a 14% increase in CTR and a 3% increase in revenue from email campaigns.