With Mark & Graham, it’s personal. To make their monogrammed merchandise relevant to the legions of ladies who love their collections, the lifestyle brand— which sits under the Williams-Sonoma umbrella—shares visual stories, style suggestions, and practical tutorials that showcase their products in familiar scenarios.

It’s not just the brand’s blog that’s rich in content either. Head over to Mark & Graham’s website, and you’ll find that the entire ecommerce experience abounds with beautiful images – from the brand’s homepage to their holiday guide.

To connect their creative assets to commerce, Mark & Graham is tapping into an innovative marketing solution: Curalate Reveal. It’s the first technology of its kind to make editorial images shoppable, and it enables people to discover and shop for products by simply pointing to them in pictures.

The experience has been transformative. Before Reveal, the only way to drive people from editorial content to products was to add hyperlinked copy beneath a corresponding image. “It didn’t work as effectively as Reveal,” says Belen Figueira, Content and PR Manager for Mark & Graham. “Now, it’s easy.” Belen adds: “People just hover over the photo to see the description of the product they’re interested in. It’s a major improvement to the customer experience.”

Enhancing Editorial Images – Everywhere

While Belen began by testing Reveal on the Mark & Graham blog, today, her sights are set much higher. “As we evolve with our photography, and feature more user-generated content,” Belen says, ”Reveal will become a bigger part of our digital content strategy.” For a brand that measures the impact of visual content in dollars, Reveal provides value by creating a direct path from pictures to products. “We’re still gauging the first impressions of Reveal, but we already see it has enormous potential to be a revenue driver,” Belen says. “We plan to use Reveal for all pictures across our site to make them shoppable.”