When you think chocolate, you think Lindt. The Swiss chocolatier makes truffles, chocolate bars and gift baskets, and the brand is synonymous with the best taste, highest quality and of course, the perfect gift for any occasion

The Lindt team knows that commerce and marketing is chaotic these days because of changing customer expectations and a proliferation of channels, content and competition. Pair that with being a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand and selling the bulk of products at third-party retailers, and you’ve got yourself a tricky hand to play — no matter how well- known the brand. So Lindt partnered with Curalate to power discovery driven commerce at scale.

Curalate helped launch Lindt’s Instagram shop — a commerce experience that adapts to Instagram’s look and feel, revealing products within Lindt’s Instagram photos and videos and connecting consumers to blog posts, contest entries, recipes and product pages. Curalate provides advanced analytics, helping Lindt determine which images garner the most engagement.

Oftentimes, your audience will respond to something in a way you might not expect. For example, Lindt used Curalate analytics to assess posts with top engagement, and found that images of simple, unwrapped chocolate bars performed best — no elaborate details needed. Information like this helps Lindt understand what their audience wants to see more of, and what inspires action. And the benefit is twofold: when Lindt published more content that resonated with their audience, they saw their following grow and engage. With Curalate’s help, Lindt has seen visits increase by 130% and clickthrough rate climb by 178%. Meanwhile, followers from the Instagram shop continue to grow at a rapid pace.

The Lindt-Curalate partnership has been particularly effective for promoting contests. Leveraging Lindt’s engaged audience on Pinterest and Instagram led to many entries, lots of repins and plenty of web impressions — and the engagement continues to climb.

From the Fall contest to the Holiday contest:

  • Clicks from the Instagram shop were up 122%
  • Contest entries were up 128%
  • Unique emails collected were up 146%

“We use our Instagram shop in different ways than many other brands. Online sales are a small part of our business, so driving to e-commerce isn’t our main objective. We see more success in driving to Lindt-owned content that our social followers find interesting, like contests and blog posts,” said Chandra Carson, Social Media Manager at Lindt Chocolate. “We use Curalate more as an inbound marketing tactic. It leads consumers to learn more about our brand and offerings so when they see our chocolates in mass retail, they make the connection. We’re seeing such an increase in traffic from the Instagram shop that it’s obviously resonating with our consumers.”

With Curalate, Lindt is meeting consumers wherever they are online — increasing brand awareness, affinity and preference. The result is a unique discovery experience that’s leading to an increased customer base and more opportunities for sales.