Over the last six months, accessories and wearable tech retailer Fossil has invested a significant amount of what they do best time—on Instagram. To unlock Instagram’s vast potential as a mobile marketing channel, the brand is leveraging Curalate’s suite of content monetization solutions, which make the pathway from pictures to products short, sweet and rewarding for both the consumer and brand.

On Instagram, Fossil uses Curalate Like2Buy to make images actionable, providing an easy way for consumers to click through to learn more about and shop for the products they find.

“Traffic has substantially increased since we implemented Like2Buy, and all of our channels have seen the positive effects of both added followers and the new and highly engaged audience,” says Jencey Keeton, Digital Brand Manager of Global Marketing.

In addition, Fossil has seen significant community growth since the beginning of June 2015, increasing their Instagram follower base by 79%.

Curalate Fanreel further illuminates Instagram’s business value for the Fossil brand. Using Fanreel, Jencey and her team are able to easily collect photos from Instagram and showcase this authentic lifestyle content in native galleries across their website.

By providing rich insight into which products consumers are sharing, as well as which visual assets are resonating across different marketing touchpoints, Curalate has cemented Instagram as an engagement, traffic and revenue channel. The icing on the cake is a lifetime of brand love. Jencey adds, “Thanks to programs like this we can see that Fossil customers who engage on social media are generally more likely to spend and continue to engage with us as a brand.”