Whether you’re looking for tips on how to transform your living room into a jungle oasis or seeking decor to actively add to your home, Domino has you covered. On Instagram, the brand—both a lifestyle publisher and e-commerce platform—curates radiant images of furniture and accents to inspire consumers. With Curalate, two taps is all it takes to bring that vision to life.

By treating Instagram as a jumping-off point for products that can be purchased as well as all sorts of compelling content, Domino has been able to reach a wider audience, to deepen digital engagement, and to drive significantly higher conversions. Only about 10% of Domino’s Instagram posts are actually dedicated to commerce, but the added exposure on a critical consumer touchpoint has resulted in consistent traffic and revenue on their site.

“We get a lot of comments such as, ‘Where can I get that’ on Instagram,” shares Shani Silver, Director of Digital Content. “Having a readily available solution to click on when a consumer wants to learn more or go shopping means that our audience can depend on us to answer their questions and deliver what they’re looking for. Curalate has made Instagram just as vital as any other social media platform for driving traffic back to domino.com.”