Courting the Millenial Bride

Choosing a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses takes careful consideration. When it comes time to make final decisions, a bride is typically surrounded by mom, dad, sisters and close friends all eager to weigh in. But that buying journey likely started months earlier, online.

The talented team at David’s Bridal knows this all too well. Millennials (approximately ages 20-37) have become their target demographic and the group has very different shopping patterns than previous generations. They do extensive online research. They crave authenticity. They gather ideas on Pinterest boards. With limited time to acquire a customer (namely, the months when they’re shopping for wedding or prom attire), David’s Bridal knows just how critical it is to provide commerce experiences that are engaging and inspiring.

“Millennial customers are not going to just one place to shop. They’re journeying through social media and digital content during the visioning and browsing phases of the buying process, which are hugely impacting the way they ultimately purchase,” said Callie Canfield, Senior Director of Global Marketing Communications at David’s Bridal. “We have to create cohesive consumer experiences to draw those millennial brides in.”


David’s Bridal knew that catering to millennial brides meant big changes to their marketing efforts. In doing so, the company had the following objectives:

  • Inspire millennial brides on social media and other digital
  • Make online planning and purchasing easier
  • Provide intuitive commerce experiences with

Opening the Online Storefront

To marry its changing customer base with advanced marketing technologies, David’s Bridal said “yes” to Curalate Showroom — an experience that turns any image or video into an online storefront. Showroom blends content and algorithms to deliver not only shoppable imagery, but product recommendations and related items. And it’s created in just seconds. With Showroom, consumers stumble across products they never knew they needed in their lives.

So far, David’s Bridal has shared Showroom experiences in their Facebook posts — giving followers the chance to walk the aisles of a David’s Bridal store, online.

“Showroom is a great addition to our digital marketing toolbox,” said Callie. “It’s incredibly easy to use and, because of the relevant product recommendations and engaging content Showroom provides, the consumers who click through to our site are much more engaged with higher intent to purchase. We’ve seen great results so far on Facebook and will be rolling it out across all of our marketing channels.”