Chobani takes a unique stance on a simple staple – yogurt – with the goal of providing better food to more people. To support their vision, Chobani works with health food bloggers, chefs, and a variety of influencers to promote their products and ethos on their social channels.

In the past, Chobani used individual hashtags to find influencers on Instagram, which made for a painstaking process. That all changed with Explore, Curalate’s tool that allows brands to find social media influencers and authentic content at scale. Here’s what Lexi Sigesmund, Community Engagement Manager at Chobani, has to say about Explore:

  • “Finding content and influencers is easy, since Explore allows me to search and track multiple hashtags at once.”
  • “One of my favorite features is filtering by online presence, especially Snapchat. That’s a quick way to not only find influencers who might be a great fit for us, but also to quickly find their Snapchat handle.”
  • “Another feature I really like is filtering by who is following Chobani. It’s so important to partner with people who already love Chobani, and this option is an easy way to do so.”

Chobani’s mission requires finding just the right collaborators to work with – Explore makes that search easy.