The Problem

A former NFL player, CEO Chris Kolodziejski remembers how when he put on that uniform, he felt transformed. He also remembers, as posted in Steelers Takeaways, growing up and watching his mother, a single mother working two jobs, experience the same transformation when she put on makeup. “It hit me one day, when she put on makeup, she was doing what I was doing when I put on a football helmet: she was transforming, too, announcing her power and her confidence,” he said.

Now, he’s aiming to instill that same transformation in customers with Chella. To reach more customers, Chella recently expanded its product line to include products for more skin tones. But, they needed an authentic way to market this.

The Solution

Working with Curalate, the team was able to source UGC that showed real people using each of the products in its expanded line. They were able to leverage this content on site and across social channels, to show an authentic representation of their brand.

The Result

Since leveraging UGC, Chris and his team have seen a 5X lift in time on site and a 2X lift in conversion rates among consumers who interact with Curalate-powered experiences. On site success was so strong, that the team decided to move their Curalate gallery above the fold on the Chella homepage, and have since seen an even greater lift in conversation rates.