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Activate Lifestyle Content With Curalate

Use lifestyle content from fans, associates, and influencers to celebrate your community and to drive both traffic and revenue.

The Complete Solution for Discovering and Activating Fan Content

Curalate's platform helps you fuel initiatives by allowing you to source user-generated content at scale.

“Curalate’s superior moderation and analytics tools made it easy to pull actionable learnings which were the foundation of building a comprehensive campaign strategy. The dedication and excitement from the Client Success Team really sets Curalate apart from the crowd – they’re truly invested in creating social buzz around our newest sales channel.”

- Loren Mattia, Social Media Specialist, Z Gallerie

Discover and Streamline

Discovering quality content at scale doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Search for content and influencers based on hashtags, locations, engagement rate, and more. Grab the best content with just a few clicks, and save the best influencers to lists for campaigns and more.

Start your search now with Curalate Explore.

Discover and Streamline

Activate and Celebrate

Fans who feel connected to your brand are more loyal to it, and customers are more likely to buy when they see their peers representing your brand. By sharing shoppable fan content on your ecommerce site, blog, Instagram, and other touchpoints, Curalate allows you to monetize UGC anywhere consumers discover your brand.

Activate and Celebrate

Care For Your Community

The last thing a brand wants to do is use fan content without permission. With one click in Curalate, you can ask for rights to a piece of content using a custom hashtag—when the fan comments with that hashtag, that piece of content is instantly available for your use across the Curalate platform. Curalate also allows brands to participate in conversations on Instagram at scale by offering threaded conversation tools.

Care For Your Community

American Apparel Wants Your Selfie. Here's Why.

American Apparel's mission for launching Fanreel is simple: Show people that they’re not just customers, they’re part of the brand. Learn how they easily identify and utilize compelling user-generated content.

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A Simple Workflow for UGC Management

Source Great Content

Search and filter through social to find great content posted by fans, then quickly ask for the rights to it using an innovative hashtag-based rights request system.

Add Products

Adding products to content couldn’t be easier on Curalate’s platform—simply search for the product name or SKU, or enter a URL.

Activate With One Click

With Universal Image Actions, you can instantly activate shoppable fan photos on-site, on your blog, or on social all within one simple tool.

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Inspire your fans to take action

Leverage inspirational lifestyle content with Fanreel

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Sophisticated content sourcing made simple

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