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Make Your Instagram Feed Shoppable

Discover Instagram's missing link. Curalate Like2Buy makes it easy for consumers to buy from Instagram by connecting engagement with Instagram videos and images to traffic and revenue – instantly. Your shoppable Instagram feed can be up and running in a matter of minutes – and without any work from your ecommerce team. It’s that easy!

High Quality Traffic, Directly to Your Site

With Like2Buy, Instagram isn’t just a beautiful feed of images. It’s now a gorgeous gallery of products, available for purchase with just a tap. The best part? Like2Buy-referred visitors spend 32% more time browsing and view 29% more pages than the average mobile consumer. That’s the power of the shoppable Instagram feed. The value spans well beyond the boundaries of Instagram.

Prove the Value of Social

You always knew Instagram was valuable to your brand – but all you had to show for it were a bunch of “likes” from adoring fans. With a shoppable Instagram feed, you can now measure the true impact of your visual content. Tag your photos and videos with multiple items, and start measuring engagement, traffic, and revenue at the post and product level.

Pictures That Last Longer

Extend the life of brand-owned and fan-sourced Instagram images with Curalate Fanreel, which enables brands to feature powerful lifestyle content in native photo galleries across their site. Increase engagement and conversions by showcasing real people using (and loving!) your products IRL.

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Smarter Instagram Ads

Ready to get more out of Instagram Ads? Your shoppable Instagram feed also serves as a guiding light for great creative by allowing you to test an image or video's ability to drive click-throughs before putting a penny behind it.

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