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Celebrate Fans,
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Curalate Fanreel is an all-in-one user-generated content marketing solution that brings crowdsourced images to the forefront of the online shopping experience. By complementing your stock photos with inspiring lifestyle images, and linking UGC to products, Fanreel keeps shoppers on-site longer, drives higher click-throughs, and increases conversions.

Collect User-Generated Content at Scale

Automatically collect photos via hashtags across Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, in addition to giving your fans the ability to upload their photos directly to your gallery. Once submitted, each photo is held in a moderation queue for you to review and link to products. It’s all the tools you need to discover, distribute, measure and monetize UGC.

She Said "Yes!"

Rights management solutions are among the most important user-generated content tools – and with Curalate, it’s simpler than ever. A single click is all it takes to trigger a custom comment requesting permission to use a fan’s photo. Authorization is just a comment and hashtag away, and details on all UGC submissions are automatically recorded.

Analyze Engagement, Measure ROI

How can you prove that your user-generated content marketing efforts are well-worth the investment? By measuring valuable ecommerce metrics like impressions, interactions, duration, and revenue generated, Curalate gives you all the tools you need to see the business impact of every user image across your website.

The Bigger Picture

The Curalate platform provides a unified home for all of your visual content. Regardless of source, whether it's brand-created, user-generated, or influencer-made, Curalate allows you to see all your content (and its performance!) in one single dashboard.

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Share UGC on Instagram

Instagram is an essential consumer touchpoint and features the best of your product imagery. With Curalate Like2Buy, you can transform high performing user-generated content from Fanreel into shoppable Instagram assets, available for purchase with just a tap.

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