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Discovery Driven Commerce

The heart of Curalate is our discovery-driven commerce platform. Designed for scale, stability, extensibility, and ease-of-use, this is how we’re modernizing commerce.

Strength in numbers.

Nearly 1,000 brands and retailers. 100 million consumers monthly. 20-50% increases in revenue per visit. Up to a 60X increase in products discovered. Over 4 million influencers tracked. All from software built entirely in-house to give you one consistent environment to achieve your digital commerce goals.

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Collect Media

Jet fuel for digital commerce.

Social is fueled by content. And often, that content is about you. Curalate comes equipped with tools that help you quickly tap into the content surrounding your brand, regardless of who created it. From powerful social-tracking tools to content discovery features, Curalate gives you the power to find, and get approval for, compelling content fast.

Connect products

Unlock the contents of your content.

Curalate’s media-tagging engine connects images and videos to the products depicted within them. Using both human and artificial intelligence, Curalate makes visual tagging easy and scalable. The result? Your content isn’t just pretty. It’s now pretty good at driving real results.

Activate touchpoints

Create a commerce experience, anywhere.

Winning at digital commerce requires you to have a winning commerce experience. Curalate gives you the ability to modernize your commerce site and bring commerce to any of your marketing channels - blogs, email, social, ads, and more. And every Curalate customer experience is incredibly fast, beautifully visual, and optimized for today’s devices. All to reduce friction and make it easier than ever for people to go from inspiration to action.

Gain Insights

Be the office hero.

Curalate’s robust analytics enable marketers to demonstrate entirely new ways of driving value to their organization. With Curalate, marketers can point to a measurable lift in revenue, return on ad spend (ROAS), brand engagement, and product discovery while helping to lower customer acquisition costs. Curalate is even smart enough to help you understand where to prioritize content acquisition to maximize impact.

Great software starts with great engineers.

Like bees to honey, great engineers swarm where there are hard problems to solve. So we tasked our team with being the innovation leaders in visual commerce. Why bet the future of your digital commerce efforts on companies that focus on what we’ve built in the past?
Partner with us and go where commerce is headed.

Customizations & Integrations

Tailor made for a better fit.

We offer built-in customization options, professional services, and custom e-commerce integrations to create the
perfect solution.

Remote checkout

Via payment providers like Amazon Pay, or your own add-to-cart or check-out APIs.

CRM Acquisition

Customize experiences for email or CRM capture.

Tailored design

Logo, colors, font, buttons, upload widgets, favorites, unique galleries, and more.

Moving animation

Auto-scrolling, unique content states, and dynamic media.

Custom templates

Build unique gallery, carousel and landing page layouts.


Run contests and campaigns across your discovery channels.

A modern take on digital commerce.

Shoppable Media Insights Influencers Extensibility Media Tagging Engine Discovery Engine Moderation

Shoppable Media

Enable your customers to simply click or tap to shop the items depicted in your images and videos. With Curalate, visual content comes alive wherever your customer chooses to engage with you - from your social channels to your commerce site, all fully optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.


Tap into powerful analytics to understand what products, content, and people perform for your brand. Use website and social data to get real-time guidance that can optimize your content marketing and commerce efforts.


Take advantage of the hottest trend in marketing today with Curalate Explore. Explore is a powerful search and filtering engine that enables you to find and sort through millions of influencers in minutes. With an intuitive interface that invites you to explore and makes it easy for you to pinpoint, you’ll discover a wealth of influencers and content that can have you driving results in no time.


Integrate Curalate with your existing technologies to drive results throughout your marketing technology ecosystem. Build on top of Curalate’s commerce APIs for easy integration to your marketing and commerce channels.

Media Tagging Engine

Unlocking content unlocks commerce, and only Curalate unlocks this at scale. Easily bring images, videos, and even 360° content in from virtually any source - your fans, your influencers, your agencies, your vendors, and your creative team and use Curalate’s Media Tagging Engine to quickly connect your content to the items depicted within them.

Discovery Engine

To introduce people to products they never knew existed in a relevant way, Curalate has taken a radically different approach to personalization and recommendations. With Curalate, your tagged content becomes the basis for programmatically suggesting products to your audience - in a way that feels completely natural.


Our dedicated moderation team are experts at finding, tagging and connecting inspirational content to your products -- doubling the amount of content that you can use vs other solutions. Led by your brand guidelines, our technology and services power immediate access to compelling content created by your customers.

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