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Movable Ink + Curalate

Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform allows marketers to generate and personalize content the moment consumers open their email based on any content, data and business logic. Users can create compelling email experiences using content they already have, or combine website behavior, proprietary data, and the context of the customer interaction to speak to customer needs. Our platform extensions easily personalize any email – newsletter, transactional, or journey – using each customer’s recent browsing behavior and seamlessly swap in individual interests and actions for default promotions.

Movable Ink believes that bringing more brand photographs to email at the moment of open, mapped to products and targeted to the recipient’s context, will improve open rates and click through rates for brands. Our platform integrates seamlessly with Curalate to execute any campaign with ease, and our joint strategies let us support each other and grow together to consistently see incredible client outcomes. We form a true team with our clients and partners to ensure that our goals are aligned and our successes are shared.

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