For companies specializing in home decor, it’s essential to use visual marketing to show off their merchandise. That couldn’t be more true for Z Gallerie, which sells stylish furniture, artwork, rugs, mirrors and tableware. Sharing gorgeous photos on social channels and on its blog is crucial to promoting brand awareness, driving revenue and developing a loyal fan base.

Loren Mattia, Z Gallerie’s content manager, took the stage at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on June 10, to discuss how the company uses one social channel in particular: Instagram. With a thriving community of nearly 700,000 followers, Z Gallerie has four main missions with Instagram:

  • Share inspiring lifestyle content
  • Create authentic connections
  • Foster thoughtful conversations
  • Build community awareness
  • Drive on-site commerce

“It’s important to give customers daily inspiration,” said Mattia. “Instagram allows customers to interact with each other and lets us develop an engaged community.”

To enable its brand strategy, Z Gallerie has partnered with Curalate, which provides the technology to allow Z Gallerie to make its Instagram shoppable and easily gather user-generated content. At IRCE, Mattia was joined onstage by Apu Gupta, Curalate co-founder and CEO, who spoke about how top brands monetize visual content. (Learn all about Gupta’s presentation here.)

“Curalate makes it really easy for us to tag products featured in our photos,” Mattia told the crowd. “It helps make that link between visual content and commerce.”


Z Gallerie made a big social media push around the launch of its 2015 spring catalog. Yes, you read that right — a brand used social media to call attention to a very traditional product, the company’s very-first print catalog. Old school, meet new school.

“We were competing with retailers that have been doing this for decades and know the science behind catalogs and drive purchase behavior through this channel — we are still figuring it out ourselves,” said Mattia. “I thought, let’s harness the power of our social communities to drive social buzz around this catalog in a way that our competition isn’t doing.”

So Z Gallerie asked customers to take photos of the catalog when it arrived in their homes and tag it with #PagesOfStyle. To further incentivize consumers, the brand chose one winner per month and gave them a $250 Z Gallerie gift card. It even had a call-to-action on the back of the catalog (which is some very valuable real estate to dedicate to a social campaign.)

“We saw some amazing submissions from our customers,” said Mattia. “People got really creative and shared photos with our products and styled them in their own way.” Here are a few examples:

The results of the campaign were impressive. It generated:

  • A 24% increase in user-generated content submissions
  • A 33% increase in Instagram followers
  • A 24% increase in catalog signups

“Instagram is a really great driver of conversions,” said Mattia. “We got eight times more subscriptions from Instagram than Facebook — even though, traditionally, Instagram has been considered more of a discovery platform than a conversion platform. But through Curalate’s solution, we’re really able to drive higher conversions.”

Interested in the Curalate platform? Sign up to give it a test-drive.

What’s Your Style Personality?

Another Z Gallerie social campaign centered around changing the company’s reputation among shoppers. Its core audience has a ritzy, glamorous style but the company wanted people to know that its products are great for other types of aesthetics as well.

“While it was really working for us, we wanted to make sure we could broaden our aesthetic to customers who have different styles. So we wanted to show people that with our products we could service modern styles, traditional styles — all different kinds.”

So it offered a simple quiz to help customers figure out their “style personality.” (Which color palette do you most identify with? Which dream home would you pick?) Then the customer was told whether they were Urban Modernist, Glamorous Regency, Traditional Twist, Calmly Collected or Naturally Luxe. (The quiz told me I’m an Urban Modernist, which is definitely accurate.)

Once you complete the quiz, you get to a landing page showing content tied to your style personality. With Curalate technology, Z Gallerie is also able to bring in user-generated content that’s productized to show customers how their style personalities come to life.

Z Gallerie - style personality

“It’s digital advertising based on what your style personality is,” said Mattia. “There was a huge increase in average order value, showing that this personalized approach to advertising is really working for us.”

The project led Mattia to offer three takeaways:

  • “Don’t lump your customers together, especially when it comes to fashion and home decor. Everyone has their own approach to style. You don’t want to pigeonhole yourself as a brand and be known for just one thing.”
  • “Realize that every customer has a different approach to style and is looking for a more personalized approach to marketing. Taylored content drives much higher engagement. People are going to respond to content that seems more personalized and comes off as developed just for them.”
  • “Visual engagement is really changing the way we do everything. We’re really focused on visual content as a way to drive conversion. So far, it’s been working well for us.”