What’s it like to work at Curalate? Duh, it’s awesome!

Yes, the kitchen is stocked with snacks, the fridge being full of beer and I’m wearing shorts at work for the first time since I was a teenager washing dishes at a local restaurant. But it’s more than that. I get to collaborate with super-smart people everyday and we’re all working toward a common goal — transforming e-commerce and making Curalate one of the most important tech companies in the world.

The folks at The Muse highlighted Curalate with an awesome new company page containing lots of insight into what it’s like to work here everyday. It’s also got interviews with six Curalate employees. We’re hoping it gets us some attention, because we’re growing like crazy and have lots of job openings to fill.

Daily Muse

We encourage you to check out our page on The Muse, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights:


Curalate’s culture promotes collaboration, open communication, idea generation, transparency and a commitment to instrumentation. Giving employees access to the proper tools, information and the opportunity to grow allows employees to feel not only trusted but also in control of their own success. Everyone’s input matters, and being flexible and agile enough to listen and react to team feedback is of the utmost importance.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Shippy the Squirrel—Curalate’s mascot—and the company’s theme song, Sussudio by Phil Collins, are favorites among Curalate’s employees, but laughing is part of the DNA—and the fun doesn’t stop there. Employees also enjoy boat outings, sports teams, happy hours, crafting and game nights. Curalate is determined to create multiple venues for collaboration and teamwork, both inside and outside of the office.


“I love the speed at which we move here. Like2Buy was conceived at 1 AM Friday morning in the middle of a hackathon. Three weeks later, it was built, shipped, and driving real traffic for some of the biggest retailers in the world.”
-Nick Shiftan, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.

“Curalate is a great place to work for anyone who wants to see what success looks like for a startup.”
-Simone Berkower, Software Engineer.

“You know how people say you should surround yourself with those who are smarter than you? That’s what I did when I joined Curalate, and I’ve learned so much because of it.”
-Melissa Morris Ivone, Director of Experience.