Drive revenue from Instagram in the wink of an eye!


Instagram has always been a great driver of engagement. Linking Instagram to traffic and revenue, however, was a lot harder. With Wink2Buy, your fans can do more than just look at your photos – they can buy your products, making their eyes the windows to your revenue growth.

The Technology

Wink2Buy uses the latest deep-learning techniques with your phone’s front-facing camera to register the shopper’s eye patterns. Our patented computer vision system is sensitive enough to determine the difference between a blink and a wink with 99.98% accuracy.

Wink2Buy Technology

The Simplest Solution, For You and Your Fans

Previously, what stood between your fans and your products was a multitude of tedious clicks. Wink2Buy eliminates the need for those clicks by putting the power in the eye of the beholder and giving their fingers a much-needed break.

Wink2Buy Walk Through

Want More Info?

Visit our Wink2Buy website for more information on Curalate’s newest and most innovative offering.