Yesterday, Instagram broke the internet.

Instagram made a swift move to shut off certain parts of its old platform API in light of recent user privacy concerns surrounding its parent company, Facebook.

BUT! Because Curalate is an officially badged Instagram Partner, nothing happened to our platform and our clients were not affected.


Instagram gave all of its badged partners a heads up that these API changes will go into effect soon.

So, our engineering and product teams are planning updates to our platform at this very moment to adapt to these changes.

Look at them go! Such talent, such drive!

Anyway, the bottom line is, nothing has changed yet for Curalate clients, but there will be a few updates made to our platform in accordance with Instagram’s deadline. We’re confident that Curalate’s core use cases will continue to be supported and that you’ll be able to rely upon us to Make Social Sell.

We’ll have more updates for our clients and will be communicating those soon. Should you have questions in the interim, please contact your Client Solutions Manager or email