With the holiday season on the horizon and Q4 in full swing, how can you make sure your UGC and influencer campaigns drive revenue?

Nina Alexander-Hurst, VP of Brand Marketing at BaubleBar has the answer. She’s driving engagement, traffic and revenue in a variety of ways – like working with major Instagram influencers to showcase BaubleBar products and encouraging fans and long-time customers to share their own content.

Nina joined Curalate’s Manager of Content Strategy Jared Shelly for a webinar to discuss her strategic approach to leveraging UGC and influencers. She discussed how to encourage customers to share UGC, what to look for in an influencer, where to find them, how to prove ROI on UGC and influencer campaigns, and much more. Here’s a brief overview of what we discussed. (Want to view the webinar recording? Watch it here.)

BaubleBar’s Take on UGC

At seven years old, BaubleBar has a rock-solid digital strategy, but the company is young enough to still have highly engaged customers who have been buying jewelry from them since Day 1.

The heart of BaubleBar’s marketing strategy is building lasting relationships with their customers.  Since they’re solely an e-commerce business, building and maintaining personal relationships can be tricky, but they’ve managed to build out an all-star lineup of influencers and loyal followers that keeps them thriving. One tactic they use frequently is featuring their customers’ content on site, especially on product detail pages. Nina says they often hear from customers how happy they are to see real people showcasing the jewelry. Not surprisingly, conversions on pages featuring UGC are drastically higher than those pages without UGC.

BaubleBar also has a Curalate Fanreel page where customers can browse a beautiful lifestyle gallery of BaubleBar products in real life, all submitted by fans of the brand.

On Finding and Maintaining a Network of Influencers

Since UGC has proven to be such a valuable asset for BaubleBar, they’ve completely embraced influencers as a constant source of great content.

Similar to their customer strategy, BaubleBar values maintaining lasting relationships with their network of influencers as well. During New York Fashion Week, BaubleBar held an event at their offices and invited influencers they’ve worked with over the years to come and mingle with each other and the BaubleBar team. They also invited the influencers to bring friends. It turns out that a lot of influencers are friends with other influencers, and the BaubleBar team was able to make in-person connections with potential new partners.

Nina says her team also uses the Curalate Explore tool to find and bookmark new influencers: “[Explore] helps get us all of the information we need in one place to determine if we want to add someone to our list.”

Measuring the Success of UGC and Influencer Campaigns

Nina says the best way to measure the success of their UGC and influencer campaigns is to look at sales. Products featured on social by BaubleBar or one of their influencers consistently see higher conversions. To tie it all together, BaubleBar takes every step to make sure their social channels are optimized for shopping.

Nina is a big fan of shoppable social, and she believes the best way to drive conversions on social is by making it as easy as possible for customers to shop. She says Curalate Like2Buy is a great way of making their Instagram feed shoppable because it lets customers browse and shop everything all in one place.

“Shopping on social is just natural.” – Nina Alexander-Hurst, VP of Brand Marketing at BaubleBar

To hear more on BaubleBar’s unique UGC and influencer strategy, including about their team of in-house influencers and stylists, view the full webinar here.