We’ve given the Curalate web app a little makeover — and we know you’re going to love the changes. We’ve made them with you in mind: to improve your access to key functionality, best practices and critical metrics.

Don’t worry, though — we haven’t changed any of the pages that you use every day. We’ve just made your experience navigating to those pages better and more intuitive.

What’s new?

  • Intuitive navigation: No more laundry list of links crowding the top of the app! Jump quickly to where you need to go via top-level links to Media, Catalog, Touchpoints and Insights. With page descriptions built into the navigation, you’ll never have to guess what you’re clicking on.
  • In-App Resources: Easily access guides, blogs and case studies to help you learn how other successful brands are optimizing their investment in Curalate and driving real results.
  • Catalog Management: Our new Catalog page will allow you to easily connect and monitor your product catalog to ensure consumers can discover and take action on your products.
  • Focus on Results: Measuring the impact of your media and touchpoints on your brand’s bottom line is critical — so much so that we broke out our reporting pages into a separate tab to help you access key metrics more quickly.

Below is a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see in each section:


  • Access best-practice guides and case studies directly from our homepage
  • Get an at-a-glance overview of our entire web app


  • Use our Explore tools to source images and videos celebrating your brand, and to track users who are posting about your brand
  • Quickly find and take action on collected media through filters in your Media Library


  • Get tips and tricks on how to connect and optimize your product catalog
  • COMING SOON: Tools to monitor the health of your product catalog and easy integrations with e-commerce platforms


  • All of your Curalate customer touchpoints, now organized into one section
  • Moderate and deploy shoppable galleries through Fanreel and Like2Buy; learn how to create and embed a Reveal; or schedule media to Instagram and Pinterest


  • Faster access to the metrics that matter
  • Reporting broken out by touchpoint and source for easy access

Look for these changes in the web app next Wednesday, June 21st! We’ll let you know when they’re live so you can check them out — and we’d love to hear your feedback when you do. Drop us a line at hello@curalate.com!