Think back to a year ago. Mad Men was still on the air, Donald Trump was just another billionaire, and Vine was a promising social media platform — producing plenty of Internet celebrities.

Now, some of Vine’s biggest stars are fleeing the platform for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Vine_iPhone_01_smThe Wall Street Journal reports that “marketers and ad buyers that paid creators to make ‘sponsored’ Vines have soured on the app” and said that some of the top Vine stars hardly post to one their accounts anymore. It’s pushed Vine from a top-50 most-popular app to approximately 200th.

Why? It’s all about ad revenue.

“Some Vine stars felt like the app wasn’t supportive of their work and didn’t implement a sustainable advertising model,” the WSJ reports. “Meanwhile, platforms like Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram poured resources into video, and Snapchat started to gain traction with Vine’s young audience.”

In fact, social media platforms have released new video-specific features and shared impressive statistics on their users’ video engagement. Facebook recently claimed users were driving 8 billion video views per day on its platform, while Snapchat says it gets 10 billion video views a day. Meanwhile Instagram increased its 15-second time limit to 60 seconds back in April, hoping to capitalize on the video boom. (Read more about the rise of video on social in this recent Curalate blog post.)

Vine_iPhone_02_smThe problem lies with Vine’s lack of advertising options — like sponsored posts on Instagram or sponsored filters on Snapchat. So “if a brand wants Vine as part of an ad campaign, it has to work with individual creators (or make their own Vines and pay to promote them on Twitter),” the WSJ says.

What does Vine have to say about all this? Will Stickney, spokesman at Twitter (which owns Vine) told the WSJ that giving creators better tools is “one of our top priorities this year.”

What’s it all mean for marketers? It means that you’ve got to be thinking about maximizing your video strategy. Create stories in Snapchat. Share short videos on your Facebook page or to a group page. Experiment with Instagram vids. Taking these simple steps can make you a star at connecting with your audience through this growing medium.

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