Your customers talk about you. A lot. Maybe they’re talking about your newest product. Maybe they’re talking about your latest event. When they do, they publish photos, videos, blog posts, tweets, reviews and much more. In fact, there’s a mind-boggling amount of user-generated content (UGC) out there. The only problem is, many brands don’t leverage it to its fullest potential.

You should be different. UGC is a potential goldmine. In fact, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over branded advertising and 90% of consumers say UGC is the most influential part of their purchase decisions.

Here are three ways to deploy it:

1. Create high-converting product detail pages

A product detail page (PDP) is a wonderful place to showcase the best of your brand. But it can also be the place where sales go to die.

A big reason is customer uncertainty. Online, there are many factors that cause someone to decide against buying your product. They’re not exactly sure what the product looks like. They’re not sure if your product is as good as you say it is. They’re not sure how it’ll look in real life.

UGC can be your single biggest asset to erase uncertainty on PDPs and get sales across the finish line. Here’s why:

  • Customer photos and videos give a glimpse into how your products are used. They show what your products look like without all the fancy staging and lighting. This means potential customers will be more confident that the product they get will meet their expectations.
  • Reviews offer social proof that your product is the real deal. Online reviews are essential: 84% of consumers trust them as much as in-person recommendations. In fact, adding a single review to a product page increases orders by 10%, according to Bazaarvoice. Average orders go up the more product reviews you have — up to 25% when you go from zero reviews to 30, and up to 37% when you go from zero reviews to 100.
  • UGC shows you’re a legitimate brand that customers can trust. For customers, UGC is a trust signal that shows other customers have had great experiences with you. In fact, 86% of millennials say UGC is a strong reflection of a brand’s quality, and this figure will likely increase among younger generations.

Fashion brand Baublebar taps Curalate to put images from fans and influencers on its PDPs.

2. Make your online marketing pop

Need help with your online marketing? Just ask your fans and customers — they’ll be your best partners in reaching new audiences.

3. Crowdsource for traffic magnets

With UGC, you can collect loads of content that would be difficult to generate on your own. Then, you can create epic UGC marketing assets that take the world by storm.

Take a page out of Burberry’s playbook, for example. Back in 2009 (ages ago in digital marketing!) they launched their Art of the Trench campaign. Users submitted photos of themselves in Burberry’s trench coats, then Burberry highlighted the best of the bunch on a curated microsite.

The campaign was a smash. Burberry’s Facebook follower count vaulted past 1 million and its e-commerce sales also got a 50% year-over-year boost. What’s more, marketers are still talking about the campaign almost a decade later.

When you create unique web destinations with UGC, you’ll attract tons of attention. The benefits are wide-ranging: You get instant social proof, become a magnet for inbound links, get organic traffic from user sharing, and a become potent space for high-converting calls to action.

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