With 330 million active users, Twitter is the perfect place to find new followers, engage with consumers and drive them to your e-commerce site. Twitter’s users are in a discovery mindset when they’re on the platform. Oftentimes that means finding breaking news and opinions from all over the world. But increasingly, they’re using Twitter to find information about brands and products.

In fact, Twitter users are 25% more likely to visit a physical store, and spend 42% more on retail purchases than non-Twitter users, according to data from DB5. Meanwhile, research from gen.video and Geometry Global reveals that 89% of consumers say Twitter is a top influencer when deciding to buy retail products.

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Twitter’s emergence as a discovery and traffic source is even more relevant during peek seasons the holidays, when shoppers are more willing to buy and the retail space becomes more competitive.

During the holidays, Twitter is driving $6.67 ROAS for every $1 spent. It also leads to a 23% lift in physical-store traffic  — outperforming Nielsen’s retail benchmark by a whopping 30%.

Curalate and Twitter have partnered together to deliver compelling commerce experiences to turn that Twitter’s powerful audience into a source of highly qualified traffic. In a new webinar, Max Hjelm head of Business Development & Partnerships joined Marco Dragoni a Senior Sales Specialist at Twitter explained some easy ways for brands to perfect their Twitter strategies. Read on for a recap or view the webinar in its entirety.

Social Content is the New Storefront

How do brands inspire consumers? In the offline world, window displays are designed to get you to stop, look and hopefully to go inside. That’s where products are strategically curated and laid out by a talented designer, which further encourage discovery — and hopefully lead to purchases.

Online, social content is functioning as the modern-day storefront. It grabs your attention, gets your thumbs to stop scrolling, and hopefully gets you to click. In fact, 76% of consumers have bought a product they saw on a brand’s social media channels.

But challenges remain. People exist on social channels and products exist on e-commerce sites. Because these channels were not designed to communicate effectively, poor clickthrough experiences from social to site result in a 70-80% bounce rate.

The Solution: Curalate Showroom

Curalate and Twitter have partnered to solve this problem. How? With Curalate Showroom. Showroom was designed to introduce people to products they never knew they needed in their lives, and dramatically improve clickthrough experiences from places like Twitter by delivering traffic to site in a more intuitive and personalized way.

Showroom transforms any simple link into a dynamic landing page with three key components, each helping to optimize a brand’s visual content.

  • A shoppable hero image. Curalate’s media-tagging engine makes this content aware of the products inside of it, so customers can easily shop products that catch their eye.
  • Content recommendations allow customers to find inspiration to suit their tastes.
  • Product recommendations are strategically laid out to encourage discovery beyond the digital “window display.” Brands and retailers leverage computer vision technology to tag media against their product feed in Curalate. Once this connection is made at the product ID level, both content and product recommendations are produced programmatically.

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Showroom allows marketers to drive highly qualified site traffic from Twitter. The results have been impressive:

  • 53% reduction in bounce rates and a 2.4x increase in time on-site — proving that consumers stay longer once clicking.
  • Showroom increases relevance: 80% of clicks don’t come from the products in the hero image, but rather products we programmatically put in front of consumers, confirming that people are looking beyond the “window display.”
  • Showroom delivers powerful intent data. Consumers spend roughly 1.5 minutes browsing each Showroom post, enabling Twitter and advertisers to build efficient audiences for both prospecting and retargeting.
  • Showroom converts. Customers who click from Twitter through Showroom vs. direct to a product detail page see a 200% increase in average order value, resulting in a 14x lift in revenue per visit.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Showroom is its versatility. Any image or video you bring into Curalate is tagged and transformed into a Showroom link in a matter of seconds. That means it’s ready to be sent throughout the Twitter ecosystem into paid, organic and even customer service Tweets.

Let’s take a look at a client using Showroom it right. Belk tweets an #OOTD (outfit of the day), and makes those posts shoppable with Showroom. They also support these high-performing Tweets with an ad campaign, leveraging the Curalate-Twitter partnership to allow their followers to shop the products that catch their eye, engage with content recommendations and discover new products that suit their taste — ensuring that each click to site drives to the right place, the first time.

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Want to make Twitter sell? Partner with Curalate. Contact sales for a Showroom demo!