Twitter has launched a new app giving businesses new tools to help them better engage with — and grow — their audiences.

Called Twitter Dashboard, the beta app (available on iOS and desktop) helps businesses “get right to the tweets that matter, engage more with your community and highlight your best content,” according to this blog post from Twitter.

After creating a custom feed, small businesses will be able to see what’s being said about them, not just tweets that happen to mention that individual business’ Twitter handle.

“If you only monitor your mentions, you might be missing a lot of the conversation about your business,” Twitter’s announcement said. “We’ll help you set up a custom feed to capture tweets you might otherwise miss.”

When creating an account, businesses will be able to include keywords associated with their businesses — as well as exclude certain words — to better tailor what they need to know about what’s being said on Twitter.

To continue having a presence throughout a prolonged period of time, business owners will be able to schedule tweets directly through the app, similar to Twitter’s separate TweetDeck app. Tweet frequency is important for engagement, and while there’s no magic number, Fast Company suggests 14 tweets a day, including late-night hours to connect with a global audience.

Already scheduled a tweet but circumstances changed and now you need to make a change? No problem. Business owners will be able to edit and update scheduled tweets right from the iOS Dashboard app.

The Dashboard app also features “curated tweet tips,” which can “help you start conversations and engage your audience in those moments when you’re not sure what to tweet,” Twitter said.

Here’s a real-world example: “Give your followers a behind-the scenes look at your business by sharing a photo or video of what you do best.” Another tip: “Respond to really positive mentions with a quote Tweet. Say thanks and use an emoji!”

Business owners will also be able to keep track of real-time analytics through the Dashboard app, including visits and views, tweet impressions and replies. It’s essentially Twitter Analytics, just packaged and wrapped up with other useful features.

“[Dashboard] is likely Twitter’s plan to hike the number of users,” according to “With its sluggish growth, it needs to find ways to reinvigorate itself. This includes boosting the confidence of brands interested in more organic efforts to reach consumers on the platform and also advertisers’ confidence.”

Twitter has indeed been focused on giving its users the tools toward better engagement, with the goal of creating real results. The company late last month launched Twitter Engage, which provides real-time data and insights with the goal, similar to the Dashboard, to engage with and grow users’ audience.

The micro-blogging site isn’t the only social media company with small businesses in mind. Instagram also launched Instagram Business Tools, which is comprised of three features allowing companies to promote high-performing posts, create business profiles and see data analytics.