In order to make you even more successful in your cross-channel marketing efforts, we’re excited to share a few new product enhancements that are currently available to all users within Curalate.

Platform ViewsTrending Content, Index Cards, and Image Tagging were all introduced to make your data more actionable and clearly defined. While most of these additions enhance the summary view, you’ll see these features trickle into other parts of the platform in the coming weeks.

Platform Views


We know that you’d like to look at your visual engagement across all of your networks at once, as well as on an individual network basis. As a result, we’ve created views for each platform and a summary view that looks at your top content cross-network.

Trending Content


Images that go viral usually stay viral. As a result, images tend to get “stuck” in your Top Content. In order to solve for this, we’ve developed an algorithm that identifies images that are surging in popularity. Trending Content is based on momentum vs. longevity, helping you identify content that is top of mind so that you can stay relevant throughout your marketing channels.

Index Cards


Index Cards are Curalate’s new way to unify data at the image level, revealing how a given image resonates across all of your connected social networks. Today, this includes Pinterest and Instagram. Soon, this will also include Facebook and other networks we’re working on. Index Cards will continue to evolve as we add more data and insights to them, so please get familiar with this new feature.

Image Tags


Tags can now be added to each and every one of your images! By tagging your images with keywords, you’re able to organize images thematically across platforms and roll up data for a specific keyword/category in a customized report. You can even add multiple tags to attribute an image to both a product category and a particular marketing campaign. It’s important to note that these tags do not appear externally- they’re only visible to your team.

With these updates you’ll have more power to monitor and manage the content that most resonates with your fans. For more information and some examples of what these new features enable our clients to do, please contact your brand strategist or reach out to our success team for a demo and feature tour.