Happy November! This week, we take a look at how brands are leveraging images across important marketing channels to engage and convert customers.

1. November and December drive 30% more ecommerce revenue than non-holiday months. Consumers have a lot of gifts to buy, and marketers have a lot of compelling content to create in order to capture their share of demand. Here are five best practices marketers can incorporate to drive revenue this holiday season.

2. Authenticity, brands, and visuals continue to provide an efficient and effective way to engage millennials. “… Be aware that the traditional stock photo of yesterday has become somewhat exhausted. Seeing an image of a friend unwrapping a new gadget does a lot more for a millennial consumer than seeing a stock photo of it somewhere online.”

3. If the move from online scrapbook to one-stop shopping destination goes smoothly, Pinterest could prove its monetization might … and the platform’s once flirtation with ecommerce could turn into a serious romance. “We shop because we want things … and Pinterest is a tool to curate those wants.”


4. Instagram, which launched its self-service carousel ads offering in March, said multiphoto endeavors on average drive an additional 2.5-point lift in ad recall. If this kind of performance holds true, more brands will be dipping their toes in the expanding pool of Instagram marketing options. Carousel ads, which are sold on a bid-auction basis and are available through the company’s Ads API, Power Editors and Ads Manager, can likely be tested for a reasonable amount of money.

5. It’s nearly “that time” of year again. So what are the key things to consider if you’re still putting the final touches to your digital marketing strategy for the holiday shopping season? 1) Look again at how you approach Facebook ads, 2) In paid search, start by looking back, then adapt, 3) Integrate search and social, 4) Consider Instagram, and 5) Pay even more attention to mobile.

6. With 18 million monthly readers, the editorial team behind The Kitchn—a daily food resource—has quite a full plate. As the site’s savvy engagement editor, Ariel Knutson is tasked with creating succulent social experiences that inspire and delight their readers every day. What’s her recipe for success? We sat down with Ariel to discuss how a small social team is cooking up big ideas.


7. How can advertisers use search and social media to effectively communicate brand narratives? ClickZ highlights three key and current trends in storytelling that can optimize your digital marketing strategy: 1) Search-based storytelling, 2) Social media storytelling, and 3) Online and offline storytelling.

8. Are millennials getting your message? Above all, authenticity is key to reaching this audience. Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, reminded marketers that trying to relate to millennials could backfire without that authenticity. “Be careful with millennial-speak,“ he warned. “Don’t say, ‘on fleek.’”

9. “Marketing channels are like rooms in a house: Each one has its own function and purpose; yet they all flow together to provide a unified structure. Too often, social media is treated like the game room: a fun place to engage, but not essential. However, teen home furnishings brand Pottery Barn Teen proved that the [social] channel can be a cornerstone in generating revenue.”