Happy Friday! A few key trends from this week’s visual marketing roundup: the merger of email and social, omnichannel trends in retail, Facebook’s ecommerce foray, and of course, the upcoming holidays. Ready … break!

1. 79% of marketers rank email content and design as both the most critical and most effective elements of email, but just 8% of marketers strongly believe they are effectively using images to drive email engagement. How can you spruce up your emails with compelling imagery to drive click-throughs and revenue? Try: Informative how-tos, inspired gift-giving and authentic experiences.

2. With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, consumers will soon be going online and in stores to purchase gifts for family and friends. Gifting represents a $200 billion market, with the average consumer buying more than 20 gifts annually. One way to capture these customers? Send last-minute emails.

3. As the industry continues to foster a mobile-first reality, email marketers should continue to leverage the relationship between email’s inherent structure and mobile devices. Why? “Email—or more precisely, the hash of the email address—has continued on its relentless march toward its ultimate destiny as the logical successor to the tracking cookie. It is clearly now the best way to market to known consumers, regardless and especially because of the proliferation of mobile devices,” explains ClickZ.

4. Audi has spent the last year creating a visual identity for its digital marketing in the UK. And while “visual storytelling” is nothing new, there are concerns that not enough budget is being allocated to establish greater operational rigour around how assets like photos and videos work together to communicate the brand story. To fix this, Audi is breaking onto Instagram as part of its “show don’t tell” strategy.

5. Facebook is quietly rolling out new ecommerce capabilities. Beginning this week, users will see a shopping section packed with product listings that is entirely separate from the news feed. These lists will be customized for users depending on their interests and Facebook activity, and access will initially be limited to a small group of retailers.

6. High re-pin rates for Ziploc’s content on Pinterest have made it a poster child for the platform. Today Pinterest notes that Ziploc sees its Promoted Pins repinned at 2.3 times the Pinterest average, with an engagement rate 40% ahead of the social network’s norms. Outside of Pinterest, Ziploc’s recent “Little Beasts” webisodes series garnered between two million and 5.5 million views on YouTube alone, along with overwhelmingly positive comments.

7. Forbes rounds up all the notable social media campaigns from the recent fashion season. A few of the highlights: Designer Misha Nonoo took her show off the runway and onto Instagram; DKNY used Instagram’s Direct Message feature to communicate one-on-one with fans; Burberry’s use of Snapchat to reveal its collection a full day before it hit the catwalk.

8. For cold pressed juicery JRINK, Instagram has been invaluable to the success of its brick-and-mortar sales. The JRINK team shares with us five tried-and-tested ideas for brands looking to unlock in-store sales with Instagram. 1. Get buy-in from local brand ambassadors. 2. Launch co-branded campaigns. 3. Run in-store promotions with a social twist. 4. Target events based on the location of your store. 5. Maintain your brand’s aesthetic everywhere.

9. As this year begins to wind down, Total Retail reviews key trends from 2015 and presents three omnichannel retail predictions for 2016. Predictions include retailers hiring more employees to lead their omnichannel initiatives, going offline to grow their presence through pop-up shops and brick-and-mortar stores, and investing in mobile to create apps that serve as research and shopping assistants in the palms of customers’ hands.

10. Creating compelling, stand-out email content can be difficult, especially during the holidays. Join our webinar with Movable Ink on October 21st to learn how incorporating images and other real-time visual content (like social media) into your holiday emails can make an impact and drive conversions.