Ecommerce is now a year-round and multi-channel affair. This week, we take a look at how brands are connecting the bridge between social and ecommerce to maximize sales.

1. Commerce is no longer seasonal, it’s a year-round shopping thing.

The global ecommerce trade was once dominated by North America, and accelerated by events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and birthdays. Those days are over, and in more ways than one.

2. Holiday success centers on seamless omnichannel and personal mobile experience.

“This upcoming holiday season, mobile will be at the forefront of commerce, and retailers will be leveraging its capabilities to boost sales through further personalization based on consumer data and securing greater omnichannel integration.”

3. Pinterest’s Tim Kendall talks monetization and commerce.

“It is tempting to draw a buy button on a product and say you’ve enabled commerce,” Tim Kendall of Pinterest, says. “In our case we feel like we’ve built the full end-to-end capability. We now offer 2.5 million products that are buyable.

4. How 3 beauty brands overcome ecommerce obstacles.

A look at how beauty brands like Sephora, Ulta and Sigma Beauty leverage UGC and editorial-style images to help their consumers understand what a makeup product will look like in the real world.

5. 3 reasons why you need to learn about visual listening.

“Marketers understand the importance of social listening – mining thousands or millions of conversions taking place every day – which impacts the health of their brand. … However, something big is missing here, and it has to do with the fact that, to date, marketers have only listened to text conversations.”

6. Nordstrom ecommerce sales jump 24% in Q2.

“The customer doesn’t care where the sale gets recorded,” says Jamie Nordstrom, Executive Vice President of Nordstrom. “They just want the best stuff and they want to have the best experience on their terms. The more we’re focused on that and less on the channel, I think the better our business will be.”

7. Best-in-class merchandising tactics for back-to-school ecommerce success.

“Back-to-school (BTS) is the second-biggest event of the year for most retailers. … While BTS shopping is similar to holiday shopping, BTS shoppers aren’t as willing to open up their wallets and pocketbooks. … That means retailers may need to adjust their strategies.

8. 5 easy ways to amp up engagement with your ads.

From mobile and digital to good ol’ print, consumers are exhibiting a lack of confidence in ads. How can marketers earn back the trust of ad-leery consumers? Here are five ways to source effective ad creative that compels and converts your customers.

9. 3 ways to drive traffic and revenue from Instagram influencers.

Beyond the fact that influencers are indeed influential, today’s consumer is highly receptive to influencer marketing. Here are three unique ways to leverage influencer images across a variety of marketing channels to drive not only engagement and awareness but also traffic and revenue.

10. Engaging a generation of visual buyers.

The always-on and visual consumers of today expect every image they encounter to be actionable in some way. Brands who don’t take note will miss out on valuable relationships with this crucial demographic.