In a push for ecommerce, Pinterest revamped its “save” button on iOS. In the meantime, leaders in the retail space gathered at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference to discuss the future of digital shopping.

1. Pinterest makes it easier to save links on iOS in ecommerce push.

“The visual bookmarking site on Thursday revamped its ‘save’ button on iOS to match the functionality of the ‘save’ button on desktop. On iOS, it is now easier to create boards for storing links, edit Pin descriptions and choose from multiple images for a pin in a new grid format.”

2. Instagram set to open to all advertisers this fall with new features.

“Instagram is testing fresh ad formats and buying through its API through the summer and will roll out advertising to all marketers this fall. One change in advertising on the platform will be allowing users to take action within ads to make purchases, download apps or sign up on websites.”

3. Where is ecommerce headed?

“One of the more interesting themes at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference was the future of ecommerce, which played out via a panel on the topic, as well as conversations with the founders of Pinterest and Stripe. … Moderator Leigh Gallagher of Fortune said this was the most disruptive time in retail since Sam Walton started Wal-Mart, and the panelists seemed to agree, although each had a different take on the changes.”

4. How to capitalize on social’s multi-platform benefits.

“The platforms consumers interact on are constantly shifting in popularity. Facebook was once a powerhouse, for example; however, growth is beginning to slow. Instagram, on the other hand, is on a quick incline to the top.

5. Waitrose trials Pinterest for #TasteOfSummer campaign.

“Waitrose began its “#TasteOfSummer” campaign on Pinterest last week. The campaign asks Waitrose customers for their input on the ultimate taste of summer in a bid to promote the supermarket’s summer range.”

6. How to communicate your brand’s core values on Instagram.

How can you convey your brand’s core values on Instagram? Ashley Jones, Digital Media and Visual Branding Designer for the Australia-based retailer, tells all.

7. Estée Lauder prompts cosmetic counter trials through UGC campaign.

“The #BestAngle campaign, which spans social media, in-store events and interactive participation at Estée Lauder beauty counters, will award four entrants with a trip to New York to be featured in a Glamour photo shoot that will be published in the magazine.”

8. Instagram search arrives for web users.

Desktop users will now have the ability to search hashtags, locations and accounts, thanks to a new search feature from Instagram. An icon will appear on the left of the query as a location or hashtag search, and the user avatar will show if the query matches a user. The location pages are slick, featuring a map and posts that occurred in a specific location.

9. Social promoters power brand engagement.

“According to a May 2015 study by Social@Ogilvy, 84% of social media users worldwide ‘liked’ or followed a brand or product on social, and 58% shared brand experiences – whether good or bad. However, just 19% were brand promoters – those who said they were extremely likely to recommend brands and products to friends.”

10. What to know about (and how to leverage) buyable pins.

As with any widespread addition to a consumer-facing platform, Buyable Pins stand to profoundly impact brands. Here are key insights into why buyable pins will be an important tool for marketers; what you need to know about their arrival on Pinterest; and how you can tap into Pinterest’s newest tool.