From Italy to Switzerland to the U.K., more and more brands are buying into the value that lies behind the visual web. This week we take a look at how some international brands are getting creative with their campaigns to drive online engagement and revenue.

1. A global snapshot of ecommerce trends from around the world.

For marketers in the U.S., it’s easy to take on a U.S.-centric view when thinking about consumer habits. But as marketing becomes less about language and more about images, the chances are much greater of sparking interest from international consumers. To make these cross-continental connections, it’s important for marketers to understand how consumers in different markets compare in terms of digital habits, social media usage and ecommerce adoption.

2. Trussardi celebrates #ElegantlyCool aesthetic with Coca-Cola campaign.

Italian apparel and accessories house Trussardi is reaching out to aspirational consumers with a social contest surrounding its stylish Coca-Cola Light cans. “By outfitting a ubiquitous product with unique designs, Trussardi and Coca-Cola are able to drive conversation and community around both of their brands,” says Matt Langie, CMO of Curalate.

3. Omega highlights relatability with user-generated campaign and video.

“Swiss watch manufacturer Omega is reaching out to everyday consumers with a new digital campaign that allows them to share their own experiences with the brand. … The campaign also includes a social media component in which consumers can upload images of themselves using Omega timepieces during their own daily lives.”

4. Luxury brands dip toes in ecommerce waters.

“Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other sellers of luxury goods are improving their online offerings in response to customer demand. Online sales make up 6% of the total for luxury goods, triple the share in 2009, according to McKinsey & Co.”

5. Lamborghini shares tour of China on social media for anniversary celebration.

“Italian automaker Lamborghini is celebrating 10 years in the Chinese market with a driving tour of the country and a social campaign. … Fans can follow the drive on WeChat and Weibo, interacting with the brand on unique Chinese platforms that allow them to enjoy the experience from afar.”

6. Top 10 luxury brand multichannel marketers of Q2

Multichannel campaigns are the future of luxury marketing, experts say. Brands that successfully incorporate digital, mobile and in-store components into their campaigns have the ability to capture consumers’ attention and promote products in compelling ways.

7. GMC uses Instagram to pitch premium lineup.

“We feel as brand marketers that Instagram is a fertile space, specifically in branding. It lends itself well to branded content,” said Janet Keller, GMC’s advertising, social media and digital manager. “It’s a great learning opportunity for us. We’re learning more about the audience, learning about engagement. We’re testing different grounds.”

8. Nordstrom puts huge Instagram post on flagship store roof for Anniversary Sale.

To celebrate its annual Anniversary Sale, Nordstrom installed a gigantic Instagram post on the top of its flagship store in Seattle. The faux Instagram is about 14,000 square-feet and features a leopard dress, complete with a 25-foot-long hanger.

9. You can now use your Pinterest account to log into other apps.

“Since launching the platform a few months ago, the network has worked with developers to take advantage of Pinterest APIs to help people do more with their pins … [and] you can now log in to other apps using your Pinterest account.”

10. Clinique targets millennials with #FaceForward Tumblr campaign.

Clinique is hoping to boost its influence with young women in the U.K. by taking its #FaceForward campaign to Tumblr. The cosmetics brand is partnering with Yahoo to build out the two-month campaign.