From product photos, to emails, to in-app ads, Instagram images now live everywhere on the visual web. And the marketers who are optimizing for this and tracking results are the ones who will win big. This week, we take a look at how brands are cashing in on Instagram – both on and off the platform.

1. Which visual social platforms are getting the most money from ad budgets? 72% of marketers report that they are interested in spending more ad dollars on Instagram, according to new research by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age. Other leaders included Pinterest at 41% and Snapchat at 36%.

2. To reach consumers with relevant content, marketers are increasingly leveraging social media—a language consumers both know and love—within email marketing campaigns. In fact, nearly ⅓ of marketers are now merging the two marketing platforms. To further explore what happens when beautiful Instagram images are featured within the body of an email, we created this infographic with Movable Ink.

3. With so many brands trying to grab the limelight on Instagram, how can your Instagram ad creative stand out from the rest? In this Q&A, creative strategy lead at Instagram Eric Oldrin explains the evolution of social photography as a content tool and how ad execs can leverage the platform for branding.

4. Social media marketing is now at the forefront of digital marketing, which means how brands engage with consumers on each platform is different. On a panel moderated by Advertising Week, marketers from Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Progressive explain how they are finding success on the various social channels as more time is spent on mobile.

5. At this point, half of Pinterest’s 100 million monthly active users live broad. To keep these users happy, Pinterest is localizing its search. What does this mean? Surfacing more local results in other countries so that the pins in different cultures and geographies make more sense. The first pinners to start seeing these localized results will be those in France, Germany, Brazil and Spain.

6. This week, Pinterest made the exciting announcement that is has partnered with three new (and major) ecommerce platforms. These partnerships will double the number of Buyable Pins, making them available to thousands of additional merchants. Some of the notable brands that have started rolling out more Buyable Pins as a result include Bloomingdale’s, Wayfair and DVP.

7. The secret to omnichannel success lies in five key areas that act as foundational blocks in implementing a true seamless shopping experience, explains Total Retail: 360-degree customer insight; consolidated product catalog; cross-channel inventory visibility; fulfillment and logistics; and distributed order management.

8. Total Retail explains how savvy retailers and manufacturers adopt the following best practices to optimize their visual commerce initiatives (and “go from selfie to sold”): 1) Reward desired behavior, 2) Showcase social content on your product page. 3) Be discerning, 4) Measure your performance, 5) Make it mobile-friendly, and 6) Stay legal.

9. With more than 2.6 billion images shared daily, there’s no doubt we now live in a visual world. And while marketers know the importance of using visual commerce to sell their goods, the C-suite is not buying it unless an ROI can be associated with it across ALL marketing channels. But how can you do this? Sign up for our webinar with Total Retail to learn more.

10. This week marked Instagram’s 5th birthday (crazy!). In honor of this milestone, Instagram revealed the top 5 most popular Instagram photos and top 5 most-followed accounts on the app. Who were the winners? The usual (popular) culprits: T-Swizzle, the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Queen Bey, the Biebs, and more.