This week has been a big one, filled with exciting new updates, major announcements, and loads of predictions for the coming year. Let’s have a look at this week’s roundup to find out what’s in store.

1. Instagram is now bigger than Twitter.

Instagram has officially surpassed Twitter in terms of active monthly users, boasting 300 million monthly users who post more than 70 million photos each day.

2. 100 lifestyle trends to try in 2015, from Pinterest.

After reviewing its most popular and trending pins of the year, Pinterest has come up with 100 trend predictions for 2015. Two of our favorites? Normcore and beards. 

3. What was the most reblogged content on Tumblr this year?

This week, Tumblr released their official “Year in Review” to showcase the top content of 2014 across categories like “Bands,” “Kale,” “GIF Art” and more. Take a look at who made the cut.

4. You can now move and copy pins across your Pinterest boards.

“When you start pinning every single photo you like on the internet onto Pinterest, things can get a little messy… It’s a small change, but it could save you a lot of time if you’re serious about keeping your pins organized.”

5. Instagram unveils new photo filters for the first time in two years.

Meet Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua and Aden, the newest Instagram filters, here to help up your ‘Gramming game.

6. A closer look at Lilly Pulitzer’s “Wild” Social Strategy.

“Talk to people in the industry, read as much as you can, and follow your instinct. You know your brand and business best – make the right strategy choices for that.”

7. Instagram cracks down on spam.

So long, spam! “As it hits 300 million users, Instagram is getting more aggressive about weeding out those sexy spambots.”

8. Go big on Instagram.

There’s been a lot of talk around Instagram for brands. Now, it’s time to start using it. Download our latest case study with Lilly Pulitzer to learn how you can drive traffic from Instagram and ultimately grow your brand.