This week, we take a look at some of the top social content from the past year to better understand how the biggest, boldest brands are engaging with fans.

1. Pinterest looks to hockey and beer for growth in Canada, its 2nd largest market.

“Once considered primarily a female-oriented social network, Pinterest is now attracting men in greater numbers… Among men, growth rates are significantly higher right now than they are for women.” 

2. Tumblr’s new “Explore” button makes it easier to discover content.

With more than 214M blogs on the network and 100B posts published per day, there’s no shortage of content on Tumblr. Now, it’s easier than ever for users to discover what they’re looking for thanks to Tumblr’s new “Explore” feature.

3. Soccer clubs like Manchester United use Instagram to engage with supporters. 

Let’s get to know the social side of sports. Major soccer teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid have started focusing on building a strong digital presence, knowing that virtual platforms like Instagram “offer instant and direct access to potential new supporters with the hope that these will become consumers.”

4. See how media outlets like NBC and NPR are using Tumblr.

“Now that Tumblr is the fastest growing social network, with 70% of its audience in the 16-35 age bracket, how are media organizations sharing news on the site?” Let’s find out.

5. Target is pouring 50% more of its ad spend this holiday season into digital ads.

When Target was asked whether it would rather give up digital or TV advertising, it was a surprisingly difficult decision. So, which got the boot?

6. Here are the five funniest hashtags of 2014.

In 2014, major events weren’t just televised. They were photoshopped, tweeted, turned into animated GIFs and shared on social channels like Tumblr. Get a good laugh out of this year’s most amusing hashtags.

7. Tumblr reveals the most reblogged video games.

The end-of-year Tumblr tally is in! Check out the most talked-about video games on the platform.

8. According to social media, these are the top 10 travel destinations to date.

Travel platform Skift calculated the top 10 travel destinations, taking into account performance and metrics across platforms like Instagram to see whether social media efforts led to a rise in engagement.

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