Both Instagram and Pinterest shook up the visual marketing space this week, adding and refining features to keep users happy. Learn how brands are keeping up and creatively engaging their fans.

1. Instagram offers new Explore Page and Search options.

This week, Instagram announced two major updates to help connect its community to “the world as it happens.” The new features include an all-new Explore page with trending Tags and Places, and improved Search.

2. Vice, Pinterest and Bank of America deal is yet another sign of ad world’s reckoning.

Vice’s Shane Smith says the big story at this year’s Cannes gathering is all about content creators, tech companies and brands coming together  a combination that is shaking up the industry. [The ad world is] seeing a realignment that brings together some odd groupings, like Vice, Bank of America and Pinterest.”

3. MTV International rebrands with a focus on UGC.

“MTV International is getting a makeover: opening itself up to user-generated content and promoting emerging artists around the world. … Users can now tag their videos and photos with #MTVbump to potentially get their content featured on-air, in some cases within two hours from the time it’s posted.”

4. Pinterest’s quest to make a ‘Buy’ button you’d actually click.

“With the company’s recent announcement that it was rolling out Buyable Pins, Pinterest is finally making it scary easy for users to realize their digitally expressed aspirations in the physical world with no more than a few taps on a smartphone.”

5. Target’s Lilly Pulitzer hit underlines power shift in retail to consumers.

“Take note, retail merchants: Consumers are increasingly driving your store and online sales better than you are these days. … Case in point: Target’s spring apparel and home line from tony resort brand Lilly Pulitzer sold out in a New York minute due, in large part, to pre-launch, social-media buzz.”

6. Over one-third of US Millennial women say social media is a top influencer for clothing purchases.

“According to a new report from Mintel …  over a third of Millennial women (35%) say social media is one of the top influencers when making clothing purchases. The channel once considered less trustworthy and reliable is now set to change the face of the women’s clothing market.”

7. How to create brand videos on Instagram that keep consumers coming back.

Ad Age provides examples of how brands can create content on Instagram that keeps customers coming back, featuring innovative campaigns from Airbnb, Lenovo and Bacardi.

8. Migration to ecommerce most pronounced in luxury fashion.

“Within the luxury industry, fashion brands are seeing the gap between in-store and online sales close at the sharpest rate, according to a new report by the Luxury Institute. Convenience, better prices and wider product selection are driving consumers away from stores to ecommerce marketplaces.”

9. The truth about millennials—5 powerful insights.

Marketers have millennials down as a moving target – difficult to reach and impossible to retain. To help you connect with this key demographic, we put together five insights all marketers should know.