This week in visual: Learn how brands are beefing up content in a bid to reach teens, dads (Happy Father’s Day!) and other influential demographics.

1. Brands connect with Father’s Day shoppers on Pinterest.

Over the last year, Pinterest has been pining after the male demographic with a slew of guy-friendly features. Here’s a look at the best branded boards for Father’s Day to inspire your Pinterest strategy – and some cool gifts for dad, too.

2. Marketing on fleek: How 5 brands are mastering ‘teen speak.’

How can brands give a nod to teen culture all while staying true to themselves? Authenticity is core to messaging that inspires and sticks. Here are five visual examples from companies that are getting it right with their massive teen audiences.

3. 3 ways smarter search is strengthening visual channels.

Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram have made significant changes that make it easier for consumers to find content that matters to them. As social and search become increasingly entwined, here’s what you need to know – and how you can optimize your own strategy in response.

4. Build trust (and your brand) by incorporating UGC into your content strategy.

Marketers have more ways than ever to gather data and mine it for trends and information about their audiences. All of this, in combination with a user-generated content marketing strategy, can enhance your brand while building a level of trust between it and your customers.

5. ‘Buy’ buttons will pose big challenges for Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

‘Buy’ buttons are positioned to turn social sites into shopping malls, but marketers are asking: “Is it really that simple?” Re/code shares their take on the challenges these icons pose.

6. Move aside smiley, hearts and more hearts steal the emoji crown.

“‘Hashtagging is second nature on Instagram,’ Apu Gupta, Curalate’s CEO said in an interview [with Forbes]. ‘Part of how you increase likes on Instagram is to use the right hashtag. By appending an emoji with a hashtag, you improve discoverability.’”

7. Pinterest launches five improvements to add more snap to your search.

Pinterest has seen success with its guided search feature over the last year—with search up 30%—and now the platform is thinking bigger. This week, Pinterest enhanced its guided search with the following updates: new typeahead functionality, new filters, autocorrect, trending searches and verified accounts.

8. How 3 brands are harnessing Instagram to drive traffic.

Acuvue Hong Kong has partnered up with Fimmick for a new Instagram-led campaign, “See What Could Be.” Participants are encouraged to create their own unique hashtags on Instagram, which are used to represent their bold beliefs and passion on the theme to boost engagement through their friends.

9. Pinterest reveals the marketing partners that will get first dibs on its ads.

Pinterest announced eight ad-tech partners that can help brands and agencies buy Promoted Pins on their platform: 4C, Adaptly, Ampush, Brand Networks, HYFN, Kinetic Social, SocialFlow and SocialCode. These vendors will build services that make it easier to plan paid and free posts on Pinterest.

10. Marketing to Millennials: Engaging a Generation of Visual Buyers.

By 2017, millennials will carry the bulk of the spending power in the U.S. Learn how to engage and build lasting relationships with each of the 14 millennial personas, from the “Brogrammer” to the “Millennial Mom.”