Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned about a number of significant updates to visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. This week was no different. Check out some of the newest updates (like Pinterest’s “buyable pins”), and learn how some brands are already tapping into these tools.

1. How Pinterest’s Buy Buttons can change ecommerce.

Harvard Business Review explains how buyable pins could turn Pinterest into the web’s new shopping mecca. The platform stands a great chance if it adopts key features offered by successful online retailers and search engines, and adapts them to the unique habits of the Pinterest community.

2. GMC goes to Instagram to build premium brand.

GMC is one of the first brands to take to Instagram’s Carousel platform, a mobile-optimized slideshow. The auto manufacturer is piloting this with the goal of having access to more sophisticated and diverse filtering and targeting in the future.

3. Pinterest and Airbnb invite travelers to pin to win ‘dream’ holiday.

Airbnb and Pinterest are inviting travelers to create pinboards of their dream destinations for a chance to win a trip this summer. The winner and a guest will pin about their trip to others as they travel.

4. Instagram is launching a redesigned website with bigger photos.

Instagram introduced a new web design on desktop and mobile this week that cleans up the page and makes photos much bigger than they are now.

5. How food brands can nail Instagram.

Adweek explains how eight out of the top 10 food brands with the most followers are fast-food restaurants that add a creative twist to their posts. McDonald’s, for example, turns burgers and fries into mini works of art with hand-drawn sketches and vivid colors.

6. Walgreens uses Pinterest to connect with customers.

With Pinterest, Walgreens tripled its referral traffic. The brand uses the platform to show that they’re a one-stop shop for everything from beauty items to gifts and DIY projects.

7. Wendy’s joins the Pinterest movement with cool cinematic pins.

Wendy’s is among the first high-profile brands to launch a comprehensive Pinterest campaign (promoting its Strawberry Fields salad) that includes Cinematic Pins, the platform’s GIF-like videos that only move when users scroll and stop moving when scrolling stops.

8. Retailers tapping Pinterest, Instagram to find out what consumers really want.

“… Social marketing on [Pinterest, Instagram] and Facebook are important ways to measure consumer demand and assess the movements of early adopters of retail and product trends. Artificial intelligence technologies such as image recognition are helping to make it even easier for retailers to determine what those customer preferences are.”

9. Take a wild guess at the most popular emoji on Instagram.

“It turns out that the most frequently used emoji is the red heart, followed by the heart-eyes face in second place, and the kissy face in third. There you have it: We’re a people who just want to show some love.”